Yesterday, a conference was held in Abuja to address gender equality. This is so interesting especially at this time when (so it seems) men have disappointed us politically and we need a change. I am a promoter of women empowerment, not gender equality which meaning I am still trying to understand. Women should be empowered educationally, politically, socially and economically. This is so because they have shown that they are better managers, more intelligent, more accommodating, loving and most importantly more powerful.

In the classrooms, women are usually better students. In governance, they are champions. In economic management, they hold the wand and in decisions, they are more powerful and hold sway. I have therefore a very strong belief; That nobody that can empower women more than women themselves. This is because women are more powerful and more equal than men. How then can they empower themselves?

As youths, they should not allow boys to pamper or woo them. Please go ahead and take the initiative, nothing stops you from wooing a boy. Don't dress yourselves seductively to appeal to them for them to price you like a commodity. For a change, let men hang out in a brothel for you to go and price them instead. Girls must not allow boys to pay for their drinks and treat them as pets. As adults, propose to men for marriage and begin to take care of them. Pay for their bride price and provide their feeding money and allowances. Share responsibilities at home and let them cook and take care of the kids for a change. Go out sometimes and come back home late drunk and if he talks, beat him up.

If you keep on allowing men to do all and provide all, they will continue to enslave you. We men are weak, especially when we do not have money to give to women and are unable to provide for their needs. Do not look for equality, look for empowerment and liberation from yourself or what do you think?

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Comment by Himanshu Mishra on May 23, 2019 at 10:10am

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