Gbege – Dejossy

Joseph Uche popularly known as Dejossy who is currently in Nigeria from his base in Malmö,Sweden for the recording of his album Mystical is out with the first single on the album with Techno and Trance
fusion in it. The album will be featuring like of Mode Nine , Terry Tha
Rapman , Miekharry The prince of Hiphop and more.

Gbege – Dejossy

Dejossy runs HallMark Studios/Entertainmen in Lagos and recently hosted Terry da Rapman and the Sound City crew for a teaser on Terry’s Boiz Are Not Smilin’ album.

For so long he has done a few songs here in Sweden and all the songs will be combined to make this album in a few months time. Gbege will make you loose control if you are ready to dance Gbege.

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