Gaddafi Death, African Leaders Mute, West celebrates.

From the time a snake lay egg it is obvious it is going to hatch a long baby, from the day Nigeria and South Africa voted ye with the west to impose a no fly zone over Libya in pretex of protecting civilians i say nto myself "here come another IRAQ". The west, masters of divide and conquer has successfully once again achieve their long time objective of killing Gaddafi. For those who has not been to LIbya, it is so easy to buy to the western propaganda and hypocritsy about imporishment Gaddafi has cause people of Libya. First of all, am shocked the way African leaders has treated Gaddafi, no matter how Gaddafi might be, he was good to sub sahara Africans, in other hand, it is not shocking considering the coruptibility, puppetry, and dependancy of African leaders. African leaders not only fail Gaddafi, but they also fail themselves in the sense that they cross another indelible mile in their inferiority to their western counterparts. They exhibit. how corruption cancer has eating  deep in them, again and again they exhibit the characteristics the west has labeled on Africans as barberic, uneducated, lack of forsightness, and vision. it shows tAfican leaders inability to lead African beyound the token change in the name of AID they receive from devilish western governments. It was in their eyes of African leaders Nkruma was overthrone, it was in their eye, Patrice lumumba was murdered, it was in their eyes Amical Cabra was kill, it was  in their eyes Mandela spend 27 years in in jail, today it is in their eyes Gaddafi hacked to death, it is these puppet leader that kept Africa behind and African swimming in ocean of poverty. When will African leaders shone the token change they get from the west and stand on their feet and fight for their own. Where is spirit of Africanism that says "chase the wolf then blame the chicken for wondering in the bush" Greed, selfishness, crave for instant riches has kept Africa and Africans in the dark, the riches continent the poorest continent, the richest people the poorest people.


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