Fuel Subsidy Removal in Nigeria - Why I Am Not Disappointed

The most authentic book ever written, the bible, advices "Do not put your trust on thy noble", and like many other advices it gives, if you aid it, you will be able to avoid a lot of pain affecting others and be well prepared for the ones you can't avoid.

Ever since I can remember, I have conditioned myself not to expect anything from anyone, so that when they act below expectation, I don't feel disappointed. Expect nothing from anyone and you will never be disappointed.

We elect Leaders with the hope that they will put into consideration our needs at all times, do their best to make sure the average ones can at least get their basic needs, stand up for us when we can't and protect us as much as possible. But I can't remember any of our leaders that have even tried to protect us it citizens.

Many expected a lot from this administration because they felt the number one man, Goodluck Jonathan could relate with what they are really going through in this country as during his campaign he took them back to his childhood days when he had no shoes. But unfortunately they are disappointed yet again, and this might just be the worse disappointment ever experienced by the Nigerian citizen.

Though fuel subsidy had been talked about much before it was finally removed, I never really understood what it was all about until 1st of January 2012, when it was officially announced that fuel subsidy has been removed. Since then, Nigerians have been faced with a sudden hardship as a liter of fuel went from N65 to N145 affecting all aspects of living of the Nigerian masses. Those who traveled home to celebrate the holidays are stuck where they are because now they will have to pay 3-4 times the amount it cost them to travel, back to their base. Every household item has increased in price, transport fair to any part or area in the country has skyrocketed and every sector of the country is feeling the pain of fuel subsidy removal.

There has been protesting for government to call off the removal of fuel subsidy in some part of the Country, and labour union is threatening to go for a nationwide strike come 9th January 2012 called ‘Mother of all strikes’ according to a labour leader. And so far it doesn't seem the labour union will get what they want as government seem to be determined to see this through. Instead of calling off fuel subsidy, government is promising to bring in 1600 buses and provide job opportunities in effort to mitigate the effect of fuel subsidy removal on the masses.

But if the leaders really care about it citizens needs, should these things and more not have been in place before commencing the removal?

What is my business in all this?

It saddens me to see how all this is affecting Nigerian masses, especially workers. Business owners and even those in transportation are easily breaking even by increasing the cost of their item or transport fair. And the masses have no choice than to pay any amount charged because they need it. In fact those in transportation are probably happy because they are making more profit. Those who will really feel the effect of fuel subsidy are the Nigerian workers who leave on a single income source, salary; because no matter how bad things get, salaries will not be increased, instead, more people might be laid off as a means to cut cost.

My elder sister as a mean to cut cost recently, suspended the home lesson for her kids, saving some extra money for the family, but cutting off one source of income for the kids teacher. But when things really get hard, it's every man for himself. So more and more families will lose their source of income as many others try to cut cost.

I have always encouraged those living on monthly salary to do whatever it takes to create additional sources of income because of lack of job security, and now more than ever people’s jobs are being threatened. Imagine what will happen if you suddenly lose your job? And don't say God forbid because it happens every now and then, and could happen to you whether you forbid it or not.

If you want a secured future, then stop relying too much on the system. It has failed us and no leader now or ever is going to really care about the masses needs. The sooner you start to take responsibilities for your life and that of your offspring, the better.

Fortunately technology has made things a lot easier than they used to be. Now you can keep a job and use your spare time to create additional income sources right from your home. To create additional income sources, you no longer need to go the traditional way of first saving about half a million or even a million naira to start up a business - rent a shop, furnish it, buy equipments you need or goods and spend several thousands of naira monthly to run it. Things are much, much easier now. You can start lucrative home based businesses in your spare time with few thousands of naira and build it up to start making you good passive incomes.

And you don’t even have to spend a dime learning about how to go about this as  an initiative called the Dreams Self Achievers Naija is set up to mentor for free, Nigerians who are ready to take responsibility for themselves and start chasing their dreams. You only need to subscribe free to the Dreams Come True newsletter through which you will be sent wealth creation tips, how to start and set up lucrative part-time home based businesses with almost zero cost, business and investment opportunities you will never have heard about, motivational tips including support when you need it. And all these is offered free as the initiative is about helping Nigerians reach their financial potentials. So nothing is stopping you really from creating additional income sources.  Visit www.mydreamsturntoreality.com and sign up free to the initiative, upon sign up you will get immediate access to the ebook many can’t stop talking about: “The Business Millionaire 5 Money Making Weapons – How to Apply them and Start Building your Wealth Right Away”.

That book alone directs you well on how to easily start on the path of creating additional sources of income and eventually wealth. And fortunately it’s free for download.

If you think you’ve seen the real effect of fuel subsidy removal, you’re very wrong.

According to Thisdaylive.com on January 4, 2012: “NLC President, Comrade Abdulwaheed Omar, has predicted a tough year for Nigerians in 2012 and called on Nigerians to role up their sleeves to assert their sovereignty. He insisted that unless the government changes its mindset and adopts patriotic and pro-people policies and programmes, the year 2012 would be a very difficult year for Nigerians, as it would be characterized by hyper inflation, more job losses, insecurity, growing government intolerance and deepening poverty. “

I say, take responsibility for your life and that of your immediate household now. Do not depend or wait on someone else to, else be ready to take whatever they serve you without complaining.

Start taking the steps to create a change today by visiting www.mydreamsturntoreality.com to sign up free to Dreams Self Achievers Naija initiative. It wouldn’t take you 5 minutes, and that 5 minutes will make all the difference in your life later on.

I wish you well

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