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A boat with Captain Dave Dolphin and Whale Safari swtor credits a behemoth 24 metre blue whale swimming off the coast of Orange County on Monday afternoon, its massive body entangled in Dungeness crab traps and lines still attached to bright orange buoys.A passenger on board shot live video of the encounter, posted to the safari Facebook page, which shows the animal laboring under the weight of the heavy netting.The harness was stuck in the whales mouth, safari captain Dave Anderson told Reuters, and the main rigging of the trap dragged beneath the animal. For hours on Monday, they tracked the struggling whale, Reuters reported, at times getting close enough to dip long poles into the water while the animal surfaced to breathe. At the end of the pole were cutters, used to slice away at the entanglement.But the whale grew agitated, officials said, and eventually dove deep below the surface and out of sight.

NT) A Christmas Story (Mon, Dec. NT) Scrooge (Wed, Dec. NT) In addition to movies and specials, CBC TV broadcast schedule throughout December will also feature holiday themed episodes of CBC shows and specials, including:. Representing the Ahousat First Nations were Chief John O. Frank and National Assembly of First Nations Grand Chief Shawn Atleo. Joining in the ceremony were close to 100 members of the Ahousat First Nations community.

The federal agency provided this written response to the Daily Press to explain the change: "CMS is not reversing a prior decision to cover these tests, we are deciding for the first time that we had not previously seen evidence of its clinical utility. Of 150 patients tested, 20 to 30 percent changed their medications/doses based on their genetic predisposition for metabolizing different drugs.

Transported to Riverside Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. Phillip Michael Bryant (22, no known address) arrested and charged with murder and other offenses. Arrest.. To replace the glycogen stores in your body quickly and effectively, eat a snack that contains both protein and carbohydrates. This will provide both fast acting and sustainable energy to your body. Try to eat a snack within two hours of exercising, but wait a minimum of 15 minutes after exercising before you eat.

Motherboards without graphics connectors for Socket FM2 have not been spotted up till now, so you pay (some) extra for these connectors if you buy a CPU without a GPU. Socket FM1 (Llano) also had a series of K10 based Athlons, but we couldn't find out if they were very successful. We also don't know if many people are considering to buy the new Piledriver Athlons.

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