"Freedom of Choice", The Nucleus of True Democracy.

Democracy without freedom of choice is like a man without brain, the brain is like a building, it houses all the mechanism that allows the body to function, if the building is destroy or damage all it house is either destroy or damage Destroy democracy leads to autocrthic rule and damage democracy leads to backdoor democracy. For democracy to function in its principle the building that house its nucleus must be protected and respected, and that building is "freedom of choice" the bujilding that house Nigeria democratic system today has long been damaged causing defectiveness in all it process. Defects system leads to wrong choice that leads to wrong policy, that leads to wrhong actions, Nigeria democracy lacks freedom of choice, citizen are not given the opportunity to excercise  their democratic rights, instead criminals are smuggled from the backdoor and impose on citizen. Nigerians are not given the opportunity to sort out the goats from the sheep, instead goats are shoved into their throats to swallow without water. you can imagine the agony. Imposition is not a true democracy and a true democracy cannot be zone. The reason Nigeria democracy lacks accountability, transparency and check and balance is because the building that house the nation democratic mechnism has been damaged and the functionality of the nucleus either destroy, damage  or tampared with.

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