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Making legitimate money is a good thing to the Lives of Youths, it might not neccessarily be an Online Biz but Legitimate ways of Making Money Offline Rocks!! I will be Sharing with you a very Short-Tips to Make Money at Home and at your School to get most Finacial Stuff done!

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We will try to Make this Post very Interesting, Educative.. Most Students after attempting JAMB or Post-UME without Success, They get Depressed and i guess its due to Perental Pressure on them and some are even Bored Sitting at Home. I know how this might be because i was once in their Shoes but the Solution to this is Absolute Dedication, Make up your Mind to try your Best, Never Get Tired, Find Something doing and Good will assist you! Thats the Code i use and it works for me. I was 19 when i started Laughing to the Bank and i believe you too can.

NOTE: This Article will be very helpful if you are not the Fast Money Type, It works for me back then and its working for most of my Friends at School now.

Before i became a Webmaster, I do make Legitimate money from people for my Services and it was Fun, You also get to know more people. I will be sharing my Little Biz with you Guys today, Just follow us!!!

1. Bulk SMS: This is one Business i can never Joke with, with this Biz i was able to Raise upto N60,000 in a week as a Profit back then in 2009! I do visit Schools, Clubs, Mosque, Churches even Shops to inform them about Bulk SMS as a Tools to Drive more Customers and a way to Reach Out to New and Existing Customers to check back our shops for new Products. With Bulk SMS, You too can make cool money at Home and at School without Stress! 
>> See Here for A-Z Details about Bulk SMS Business.

2. Phone/PC Browsing Configuration: Most Guys make Money through this, Ever since the existence of Free Browsing people have been making money Offline configuring Phone and PC to browse the Internet for Free at a Fee! Some people take it as a Fun Job where they are Paid any Amount but Computer Village, Ikeja is a different Case, People are been charged for upto N1,000 to connect their Phone to browse the Internet for Free and upto N5,000 to Browse free on their PC. But the Painful Part is that they dont Invite People to Naijaloaded as the Source of their Tweak in Returns and this

3. Unlocking of Internet Modem: This is the Most Lucrative Offline Business for Students at School and at Home! Most people engage in this Business because of the Flexibility. Unlocking of Modem is fast becoming a must for every Nigeria due to the poor state of our ISP {Internet Service Provider}, Unlocking of your Modem allow you to switch between Multiple Network using just a Single Modem! Unlocking of Modem cost Roughly N1500 in Ikeja, You can Fix your Own Price depending on your customers.

>> Learn How to Unlock Internet Modem Here.

4. Download & Installation Business: A Friend of Mine bought his First Laptop for N70k with his Gain while doing this Biz immediately he finish Secondary School. Do people around need any Software for Phone & PC? then my Friend is the Guru when it comes to that back then, He charge roughly N200 for Mobile Games or Application and N400 for PC Softwares, i bet this Business is still Booming, Ask the Computer Engineers around how much they charge for Software Installation, You will be Suprised and will want to start the Installation Business in no time!

5. Organising of Seminars and Workshop: There are a lot of people out there willing to attend seminars to simply learn new stuffs or just to acquire more skills. You don't even have to be rich to organize seminars. I have a friend that started making money organizing seminars using primary school classrooms. Right now, he has stepped up to the extent that he now uses Hotels for his seminars. In as much as you have a skill you believe people will love to learn or you have info products you believe people will love to have and know how they work, then you are good to go. If you are a Student you can also Organise Seminars in your School be it at Secondary Level or Tetiary Level, You will surely Hit your Target.

6. Advance Tech Stuff: Just like who do call it back then in my Polytechnic days, Hacking of Symbian Phones, Jailbreaking of iPod, iPad, Unlocking of Phones, We Refer all this to Advance Tech Stuff because the pay is worth the Name! This Days if you dont have a Hacked Symbian Phones you might Experience lot of Problem Installing some Symbian Applications on your Phone, Cerftificate Error is the No 1 Issue, If you know How to H!ck Symbian Phone, Then you are loosing the Juice from the Biz!

JailBreaking is also one thing almost all Apple Device Users need, if you see anyone making use of iPod, iPad etc, then you can inform him or her about Jailbreaking and make upto N5000 with 3 Minutes, Its very Simple and Fast and No Risk attached to it. Unlocking is also an Essential Part of every Device, This also Drive in Good Money.

I will be Treating JailBreaking as a Tutorial Soonest on Naijaloaded, Just Stay Tuned to Us, Always Check the Site Daily for New, Informative and Educative Content.

NOTE: This Write up is Suitable for Students Seeking Admission, Undergraduates, Graduates, Youth Corpers and Job Seeker! 

For more information

Call Mr fred

08037651589, [email protected]

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