Free Blog Traffic With A Little Comment Love

One method for getting free blog traffic is to leave relevant comments on other blogs. This is also an important strategy for your SEO efforts as it creates the all important backlinks. If you don't know nothing about SEO - Google can help you! Or you can ask for help at differrent app store optimization agency!

However, as a backlink strategy you need to be sure that the blogs you are commenting on are “do follow”.

It’s also important that your blog visitors are leaving comments at your own blog as well. First, it shows the search engines that your content is valid and relevant and it also provides free additional content for your blog. It’s almost like a search engine grading system.

So, both commenting and receiving comments is very important to your blogging efforts.

As wordpress blogs, and most other blogging platforms as well, are automatically coded to be “no follow” you will want to change it to “do follow” so when visitors make comments on your blog, the search engines will be able to pick it up and count it as a backlink. This will encourage visitors to participate on your blog. To do this you can simply download and activate a couple of easy plugins.

The first plugin is found here: It’s a really easy plugin to install and activate. Once you do, other ComLuv users will come to your blog to make comments and you can do the same on theirs. When you leave a comment, it will automatically search for your ComLuv plugin and then take the title of your last blog post and post it with the comment you left on that blog! How great is that? It’s a little extra free advertising for your site left everytime you leave a comment on another ComLuv enabled blog. To find other ComLuv blogs simply go to the Comluv site, login with the username and password you set up to get your free plugin, and then search their very large search engine. You can search for blogs without logging in, but I recommend that you do because you get points every time you comment on another ComLuv enabled blog and sometimes that will get your profile listed on their front page. That’s a nice little perk!

I would recommend signing up with a new username and password for every blog you own. This way every blog you own will be listed in their search engine. If you only use one account, you will have to pay for each additional URL you wanted listed.

The second plugin is at: This is another simple plugin that will make your blog “do follow”. I actually install both and then put a “do follow” badge on the front page of my blog so that others will know that their comments will follow. You can pick up a free “do follow” badge here. Once you have done this, come back and leave a comment that your have made your blog “do follow” and I will add your blog to our list of “do follow” blogs for all of our newsletter subscribers to share.

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