Four research compromises worth making to speed up your final year project topic approval

Some compromises are worth making and indeed when it turns to the academic arena, researchers go extra miles to reach for the light they seek. A research journey often begins with the choice of a project topic to work on and then further procedure falls into place. However, in getting their final year project topics approved, students sometimes have to work really hard for it. 

There is no hard and fast rule to getting your project topic approved but I believe so much that there are factors your project adviser or instructor is looking out for before he gets your project topic approved. One of the original factors is what is formally called variable in the academic project research.

What are variables in a research project topic?

Variables can be described as the broken aspects of a process, routine, activity, and issues that you want to study.  You can’t possibly carry out a research without having these variables present in your project topic infact, it won’t just make any meaning.

When variables are classified or separated as stand-alone phrases, they become complex concepts that a researcher can explore all through the research period. In other words, there two types of variables in research, they are dependent and independent variables. The two complement each other in research project topic.

Independent variables are those occurrences that influence the dependent variables. A little illustration will help, I guess. Am going to give a dependent variable and outline a list of independent variables that can influence it.

  • Example 1. Dependent variable  -   Student’s academic performance

Independent variables associated with student’s academic performance

Student- teacher relationship

Attention span

Project-based  learning

School politics

  • Example 2. Dependent variable  -  select national newspapers

Independent variables associated with national newspapers

Audience reaction

  Frequency of Coverage

Audience perception, etc.

In the midst of these factors however, there are compromises that are worth making for your final year project topic to be approved, though not bad but easier and efficient, they include the following;

Present more than one project topics per time to your instructor

If you do not want to face too many challenges in getting a project topic, it is necessary to choose atleast two project topics per time and they must all point to your area of interest or specialization in your field of study.

Your instructor may not approve your topic if someone else presented something similar

Here is another advantage of submitting more than one project topic. Your instructor may not want to have two different people work on the same topic differently. So the second person with the same topic is likely going to be sent back. Have a backup project topic incase someone else already presented what you have in mind.

Structure and present your project topic accordingly

Structuring your project topic requires that you present it having the variables present and well defined. Ignorance is never an excuse in this case, therefore you must get out of your comfort to make sure you put things in place.

Like earlier mentioned, variables in a project topic is divided into dependent and independent variables. A project topic without these is likely not to be approved.

Consult a project website

Incase you are not so sure on how well to structure your project topic, aside seeking counsel from a lecturer, instructor, there is one more place I have to show you – a project website . Project websites like codemint will not only guide you, you are allowed to access free project topics that can help you structure yours properly for approval.

Good luck…

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