Fortnite: Josh Brolin Responds To Dancing Thanos -- 'I Don't Understand'

Thanos, the not so good guy from Avengers: Infinity War, recently stumbled on Fortnite as part of the limited-time game mode called Infinity Gauntlet. Now, the actor who plays Thanos--Josh Brolin--has taken care of immediately his character being within the game.
It appears like Brolin had no involvement within the crossover, while he tells Fortnite Skins IGN, "I've been seeing this Fortnite thing everywhere; Fortnite, Thanos--and I had no idea what anybody was discussing."
Thanos has some voice lines in Fortnite, these were apparently pulled business sources-- potentially the movie--if they will come from Brolin in any respect. It is interesting that Brolin apparently had no idea about Thanos in Fortnite, but he's an active, busy man.
Like other Fortnite characters, Thanos can dance--and she has some nice moves. But Brolin doesn't quite realise why Thanos would dance after vanquishing his enemies.
"Why is he dancing? I don't understand. I don't determine if I prefer that," Brolin said.
Also from the interview, Brolin confirms he did not perform motion-capture benefit Thanos' dance movies, but he explained he wished he was asked because he is really a capable cutter on the rug. "I wish I had done the mocap to the," the Oscar nominated actor said.
You can catch the whole IGN interview with Brolin here.
In other Fortnite news, the 50v50 limited-time mode is currently available alongside the Infinity Gauntlet mode. Both are only anticipated to be around for Fortnite Items a short moment longer, so that you should play now if you are interested.

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