In fact, although all of the above proposals have been passed, how to amend and implement them is still under discussion. In the next two months, the alliance will formulate relevant rules, which will be held at the latest from May 21 to May 23 in Atlanta. Before the spring conference.

For this new rule, the league also has a different voice. Mark Murphy, general manager of Green Bay Packers, believes that this rule is very specific to helmets but ignores other places, such as malicious stamping, such as the particularity of the quarterback on the court. "This year I saw a lot of vicious attacks on the quarterback. Can these collisions be subject to  Madden Coins even more punishments (allegations that Aaron Rogers was reimbursed for the foul season last season and the opponents did not have any punishment?) Maybe. But I think that the focus of our discussion seems to be on the helmet. People only care that the helmet should not be used as a weapon."

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