First of all, he analyzed that during the last period of Real Madrid, Capello did not let him play the main force, Robinho said: "I was in Real Madrid, all the coaches gave me enough playing opportunities. When the card After Perrault took office, for some reason, such as my age, he let me sit on the bench. He is a coach, so I can't complain, I must respect his decision, but I am not satisfied with the substitute role that can only play the second half ."

For joining Manchester City, Robinho bluntly said that his original goal was not Manchester, but Chelsea - even the deal itself was almost completed. Robinho said: "My goal is to go to FIFA 19 Coins the Blues. At that time, coach Scolari told me that I can play an important role in the team. But unfortunately, Real Madrid's relationship with Chelsea is very bad. Before I officially transferred, Chelsea began selling jerseys and T-shirts with my name, which made Real Madrid very unhappy. I am sure that this is the reason why I failed to transfer. This is true for Real Madrid. The problem with face is that they value it very much. Moreover, Chelsea can play the Champions League at the time, but Manchester City can't."

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