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Own Certification from Home New!


This is the good news for Nigerians and this is why oaklink stands strong and unique! We have source to 30 recognize universities offering online certification for a period of 4 months. You do not need to be online 24hrs, all you need is download lecture videos, pdf file of notes, audio lectures, and submit your assignment for assessment. Do you know the good news about this. It is absolutely free! Yes its Free no hidden charger.Read More 


Web Design New!

Make Money Online! As easy as it sounds, making money online has proven to be a daunting task for many. Oh, I am not even considering the A-listers of the Internet industry. I am talking about the average Joe who struggles day and night to squeeze out a few extra naira out of thecomplex world of the Internet. It is not easy, but then there would have been no fun if it was anyways. A major chunk of the Internet is involved in some sort of design. People are creating logos, designing websites, magazine covers and whatnot in order to be a somewhat-known designer. I will try to dig out the most famous (and easy-as-you-master-them) ways to make money online by designing a website. Basically, we will see how being smart is the mantra of making money online. Read More

Recharge Card Printing

Recharge card production, today, is one of the businesses in Nigeria, that are lucrative and in high demand as long as one has the product to sell in bulk.The good thing about it is that it’s a fast-moving product, with guarantee on investment. Before now, printing and selling of GSM voucher in bulk was a business reserved exclusively for big distributors. But it’s now all about who is interested. That recharge card consumption in the country is expected to hit 50,000,000 units each month could make anyone, who may never have been interested in the business, consider venturing into it based on the turnover. Read More


Study Abroad on Scholarship!New!

You can work even while you study abroad.To all students wishing to study abroad, we have made it easy for you. No form purchase, no administrative charges, no admission fees, no processing fee. Just cost of Air ticket, visa, accommodation. We help you get schools with free tuition fee depending on the country of your choice. Oaklinkng will help you contact schools that offers admission to Africans, without the student paying a cent.STUDY ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD; ENJOY FULL SPONSORSHIP PACKAGE FROM SCHOOL Read More

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