Flat Belly Tips: Diet, Fitness, and Health Secrets to Reduce Bloating

Liz Swan Miller is the author of this program. She is a weight loss expert and a former obese individual. She has a degree in both Physiology and Naturopathy. Apart that she has won the award for best selling Amazon author plus Liz has a experience of 10 years in the weight loss industry. She has used her expertise to build various health related programs that are not only unique but helpful and effective as well. Red Tea Detox is one of a kind. Once Liz got across a research about this special tea that was being used by the African people. Her curiosity to find a natural solution to fat accumulation made her restless. She ended up travelling deep in to Africa all the way from America to find out more about this miraculous drink. Below is a video by Liz sharing her experiences and scenes from the tribes.



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