Firewood Types - What Is the Best Firewood?

In this modern world, many things getting change but people cannot able to change their habit during the climatic changes. As days passes on calendar and most of the people like to have winter season and you can experience many things which makes life more comfortable. Just imagine yourself sitting in front of roaring firewood in night that too in open space enjoying the warm heat and beauty of the sky at a time this moment made more special when you use aromatic woods for burning. To make all these happen you should choose the right firewood which burns brighter but slower with fragrance smell when put off fire and there are several types of firewood are available, you have to choose the best one which would suitable for you.

How to choose best firewood:

While choosing firewood you need more attention towards the quality of wood and you need to ensure that type of wood you choose should matches your need. Since there are several types of wood available one can get confused to choose best firewood here are some tips to choose best fire woods.

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Seasoned wood or unseasoned wood: the experts says the seasoned wood is secret of good fire if wood has been seasoned more than a year then it is a fine seasoned burning wood. Each wood have different seasoning durations for example if you check for oak woods the seasoning should be more than two years. This year wood will be better for next year burning but nowadays the woods are sold as greenwood.

Seasoned woods burns better than green woods or unseasoned woods it is mainly because the seasoned woods give more heat and burn less. More over unseasoned woods have liquids inside. You choose seasoned wood by appearance itself a fine seasoned wood will be lighter and white in inside and in outer it looks gray or ash in color where unseasoned wood will in same color throughout the wood.

Hardwood or soft wood:

If you want to enjoy the real warm heat, then you have to choose the hardwoods which are denser in nature which provides more heat than softwoods even these hardwoods need to be seasoned for a year even though ash wood is hardwood it no need of seasoning. More over the hardwoods are expensive to buy than softwoods but if you use hardwood you need only few woods to provide hotter since it burns slower. These hardwoods have specialty to spread good fragrance when it put off fire.

Various types of fire woods:

  • Apple: this wood is great for coking it burns slow when it is seasoned and have fragrant smell when fire out.
  • Ash: this wood burn steadily and give good heat even though it is a hardwood it will burn in greenwood this wood does not need seasoning.
  • Birch: this wood is softwood and burn quickly this wood spread awesome smell all around even this wood would burn as greenwood but it will deposit gum which will block chimneys.
  • Black thorn: this wood is best one for burning it burns well and smoke less.
  • Maple: this firewood is one of the best hardwoods but it is difficult to find this tree in different region. This wood is harder and dense so it burns slow and provide hotter.
  • Yew: this wood spread pleasant smell while burning it burns slow and gives plenty of heat to make entire place warmer.

Apart from above said firewood, there are more fire woods available such as walnut it is also an hardwood which burns slow with limited smoke so you have to choose hardwood which are well seasoned it burn better in your wooden stove.

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