Finding The Right Connections To Make Your Vision of Business Success Possible

Wattles actually went so far to say that God wants you to have a richly full life, including  15 Minute Manifestation Review having everything you need to make this occur, so it is your right to be rich. He explains that you need access to riches so you can advance as a human being, enjoy life, and do something special. You could say that this is the way the universe grows. Are you searching for the keys to personal and professional success? If so, there is good news and not so good news.

Keys to Success from Wallace Wattles and Napoleon Hill

People typically dedicate most of their search for success to running around being busy in hopes of producing more positive results. Napoleon Hill, who had the opportunity to study the most successful and wealthy people of his era, discovered that they concentrated above all on their thoughts and beliefs. The good news is that this is a time of great opportunity. Recently, people have viewed the times as tough and assumed that opportunities are scarce. This has not been the case for everyone and it needn't be true for you.


When your thoughts are right, "thinking in a certain way," your actions become inspired ' which produces miraculous outcomes. If you believe that getting ahead is tough, it is. On the other hand, if you decide that this is a great time to create success and you are worthy of the best that life can offer, it is and you do. With this in mind, there is a second key that you need to know. The bad news for some people is that this is also a time of change. This requires us to look at our situations differently.

The Second Key: Inspired Action Leads to Success

Wattles' Science of Getting Rich didn't rely solely on thinking. The second part of his formula focused on acting in what he again called "a certain way" to create success. When your thinking is positive and productive, the actions you take become inspired. Wattles was talking about the Law of Attraction, and a key to success that was confirmed by Napoleon Hill in his timeless resource Think and Grow Rich. Napoleon Hill started with the statement "Thoughts are things and powerful things at that." The success secret is that you become what you think about most often.

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