There is nothing worse than fighting with your Russian girlfriend during a long distance relationship that you have met on a dating site.  Long distance fights are different from regular fights because they are more emotional and harder to resolve.  Even in the worst of fights, when you are right in front of your partner you can look into their eyes and apologize or accept their apology when this person is sincere.  You can reach out and touch this person.  With someone that you meet on a dating site, it is easy to fall deeply in love and have an emotional connection.


When you fight with this person, it can be heart-wrenching when you fight.  There are no hugs or makeup kisses.  The only thing you can really do is to give yourself some space and try to talk about it later on in time.  The only problem is, is that sometimes you can barely communicate with this person because this person cuts off all communication from you and does not have to talk to you.  Patience is a virtue, but sometimes you just want to hear this person’s voice.  If he or she does not pick up the phone, log into skype or return your emails, what do you do?

You may be pacing up and down your apartment and you may even be crying because when you love someone and that person is so mad with you that he or she will not even return a phone call, you are most likely heartbroken.  So what do you do?  There is no easy answer but the best advice is to try to get your mind off of the fight.  Going out with friends is a great way to get out and forget.  You will be able to smile which is something you probably have not been able to do for a while.

Eventually, your girlfriend you met on free Russian dating site such as, or PrivetVip will see that you truly care and begin to reply.  Take it slow and try not to become overly emotional.  If you are upset and cry, your partner can be enraged because he will hate to see you upset and feel helpless, causing him to get upset again and start a fight all over again.  This is why it is extremely important that you handle yourself properly and control your emotions while in a long distance relationship and more so during a fight.


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