The ASUU indefinite strike which paralyzed universities has been on for more than a month now with no feasible end in sight, not forgetting that its not been long polytechniclecturers (ASUP) suspended their two months
long strike and with the colleges gearing up to also strike if their demands are not met. I could remember the ASUU chairman say in the beginning of the present
strike action that it would last as long as the Federal Government (FG) wants it, and from all indications the FG actually wants it to last longer than necessary with latest news been that the FG says it has no resources to meet
the demands of ASUU. At this juncture, I'm left to wonder in the face of this stalemate whether the grass in this war of two elephants
has not suffered enough.

The thought of the plight of the helpless students usually at the receiving end of these strikes really gets me nauseous most times. Clearly, strikes seem
to have become an endemic part of the Nigerian educational system with the situation getting worse by the day.

Well! In the face of lamentations, I would say yes it does hurts and also alters one's plans, but pertinent question at this point is, what does the Nigeria student do other than resorting to complaints and criticisms whenever this strikes occur so that they don't
loose on all ends?

I'm talking of legitimate activity that could busy the mind and hands, and perhaps yield economic returns in both short and long run. There is need for every Nigerian student to have productive backup engagements they could fall back on whenever their academic activities are disrupted. They could make the period spent away from class to count by acquiring some kill, learn a trade, do menial jobs and explore their creativity in a productive way. That way they would have maximized and managed their time better.

FG and ASUU might hold your educational progress in abeyance but they can't stop you from learning that trade and acquiring that skill whenever they shut down our schools.

Think outside the box Great Nigerian Students..

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