Feel It-Elofiz and jibola fabunmi

OK Ok oK no hype no fan but I must confess this song is crazy,I have played this song over and over more than 20 times before I published this post you are reading. First of all I do hate songs with auto tune
but this song blew off my mind and its simply a song you want to say
play over and over to.

Brilliant song and lovely arrangement and both singers were just on point and was not outclassed by the other.
Track title : “feel it” ft jibs

performed by Elofiz and jibola fabunmi
produced by Elofiz.

About Elofiz : Elo Ogbolu schooled in Kwame Nkrumah university of science and technology and read economics, an aspiring artiste with a lot of potential. Who make beats and write songs and sing/rap. Play 2
instruments(the piano and the guitar) fairly well

And by the way dude you look like Obama

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