We have come to the "feast"
At jungle, to dance to tunes
Of music of our time, and now,
Leaving the arena for others,
Returning with cheering heart.

Gladdened by our worth
Our shoulder laid with arrogant pride
As it was at the beginning,
We stomped tirelessly, bathed with
Salt water and with the eyes of flame

Grope for dream.
"Determination" stands the watch-word
To some, it shattered away
As the hour danced past
When at the time of deep distress

Along the hobbling wattle forest
And of trial, were threshed
And shoved into obscurity.
But we pegged away into
The realm walls of faith

Where we spurned the nights
Of fear that stalk the day
In a combative poise.
We are coming
To fertile our land

With the frothy glory
Trapped in our hands.
Hearts leap of joy
As we slung our bags over
Our back, touching each other,

Gaze timidly at faces with surge
Of excitement.
Hear the drum beat of glee.
We have arrived at the niche of time

Bringing castles of hope,
Telling sad-sweet tales
Of our voyage.

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