Farm Worker from Nigeria undergoes Fibroid Ssurgery in India

A renowned medical consultant in India offers affordable medical service package for treating fibroid surgery. Recently, Mrs. Sheba Danmuso, a farm worker from Nigeria visited India for her fibroid surgery. Here’s what she has to share about her experience undergoing the fibroid surgery in India. “Last month I had my successful fibroid surgery in India and the credit goes to the medical consultant in India for treating the fibroid. I met my doctor and had a few tests confirmed about the fibroid in my uterus. I didn’t want to waste my life and was left with no other option than to search for a better alternative treatment that would meet up with my expectations. My husband and I browsed through the internet and came across a few websites offering high quality medical services within our budget.

We contacted a few of them and got a positive response only from this medical value provider in India - Indianmedguru Consultant. We discussed the possibility of getting my fibroid surgery done in India. The executive at the other end of the call was very kind and supportive. He collected my reports and gave a call after having a detailed discussion with a panel of medical experts. They offered me some good tailor made packages. We went through them carefully and made our mind to fly down to India for my surgery. I confirmed him my treatment in India and they helped us by sending the medical visa invitation. They were very co-operative and also helped us with the arrangements of food, stay and travel during the entire medical tour to India.”

“Soon we reached India and had discussed about my case with the surgeon who was a gentleman who comforted me with his deep knowledge. We were impressed by the way, the surgeon clarified all our doubts and queries regarding the procedure and my nervousness vanished. I underwent the surgery as planned. The fibroid surgery went smoothly and it took a couple of weeks to recover. As per the surgeon, my surgery was a success. Now it’s been over a year since this surgery and I am considering this opportunity to thank them all including the surgeon and the medical team, the hospital staff and nurses who made me comfortable and provided comprehensive care during this entire medical journey in India.”

Thank You,

Mrs. Sheba Danmuso, Nigeria

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