Factors to Consider Before Deciding Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Factors to Consider Before Deciding Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The entire brand marketing game has changed drastically over the years, so that the media consumption, which works as a major factor to establish the presence of any brand, product or individual. A major shift in the audience’s preference and taste has been witnessed in the recent time as traditional media has taken the back seat and digital space is taking the lead.

Millennials today prefer to seek entertainment through social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram and Facebook rather than television and radio. This rapid revolution has made way for a sea of opportunities for brand marketers to create a distinct positioning for their brand by building a right strategy using the right digital platform and face.

Majority of the audience is changing its media consumption from traditional to digital which prompted the brands to re-route their marketing strategies in diverse ways. From having to split the allocation of funds towards both traditional and new age media depending on the market research numbers, brands are now tactfully investing more into engaging and digital friendly content creation.

“Now that the digital medium is a worldwide rage and is comparatively economical, brands seems better-off with shifting a good part of their finances towards the new age digital marketing approaches like ad words, mobile marketing, SEO, social media, influencer marketing etc,” conveyed Gurpreet Singh, the co-founder of One Digital Entertainment.

Leveraging Influencers & Celebrities

Deciding upon an appropriate face to create brand awareness takes specific research for marketers. While celebrities increase brand familiarity, credibility and certainty to affirm consumer’s decision-making process, human brains acknowledge influencers as known people who became special due to their distinctive digital presence.

Brands approach influencers that their target audience most relates to. “Mismatched connections of the target audience and the influencers would be a recipe for disaster. The audience is very smart and the moment they smell that a product is being promoted out of motive, they stop playing along,” added Singh.

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