Corrupthion is not just a epidemic disease in Nigeria, it has become an lifestyle and culture of those trusted with the care of the nation. If those trusted with the nathion has become poison to the nation it means it is time to incinerate affected  officials and bring in new ones. in a country of 150 millions, the life of one crimial is nothing to write about. We all know what happens when crops or chicken, cow or pigs are infested by Ecoli or any disease,  the crop or the animals are destroy to give way for new breeds that are clean and uninfested. Nigerian leaders has proven over and over that they are ready to destroy the country, we got to understand that one head is not better than million heads, Nigerians should not allow one man greed to destroy lives of millions, politics about corruption in the country should be over by now, these crimials are just having fun and free ride off lives of million NIgerians who are teetling to see on square meal, these criminals are not just afraid of destroying the country for their selfish end. There should be no debate on ending this saga, execute the corrupthion offenders. Execution is the only thing that will bring the country back to where we all want, a great country we all clamouring for. Prison is nothing for these guys, BODE GEORGE enjoy himself more in prison that outside prison, BANKOLE want thesame thing, rejecting the food they gave him because he knows his mother or relatives will bring home cook food. How can a elected nation leader  lawmakers official like him DEFRAUD THE NATION IN DAYLIGHT ROBERY.of the nation N10 billion and have the audacity to admit and talk how they share it. it is because they  do not care about the country, not afraid of the porouse justice that is CASH AND CARRY. This guys need no prison term, but firing squard. that will will never happen in CHINA, the reason that countrgy is surpassing every nations in every categories of development. Nigerian should emulate the CHINESE, if two or three officials is executed, it will send cold chill throughtout the veins of the corupt and wanabees. if it is implemented, Nigeria will thurn the corner for better and sooner than later the light will shine at the end of the tunnel.

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Comment by Adebimpe Olufemi on June 14, 2011 at 3:09am
I think i agree with you,corrupt politicians should be executed and all their properties,both the one they have acquired before venturing into politics should be confiscated and perhaps should be place on auction,the money recovered from it should go into government account

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