Okay, I must admit it. I couldn’t come up with a better catchy title…. I just had to come up with something different from the “definition” we all know. So I finally
got a call from EFCC. FINALLY. It was on October 8,
2010 at 10:10am. “I’m I on to Mr Olaseun Akisanmi?” the voice queried.
“No, you’re on to Oluwaseun Akisanmi,” I replied. “Anyway, this is Mr. CEE calling from EFCC. We got your petition with regard to one named Muhammed Yusuf and would like you to come to our office to give us his Zenith Bank
account number,” he continued. I was surprised. I asked him if I really
needed to come all the way to their office just to give them a 10 digit
numeric code. “Why can’t I just give you the account number on the
phone?” I asked. His response: “We need you to come to our office to
make another statement so we can pursue the case further.” I thought I
had made a statement in writing by submitting the petition. Apparently,
they wanted a “confirming” statement. I was puzzled at the fact that it
took 1 month from the time I submitted a petition for them to get back
to me and asked him why this was so. He responded that the length of
time their response took is not his business… “If you want to come to
our office, come.” And he dropped the phone. You guessed right, I WAS
SHOCKED. Now that’s supposed to encourage me to “trust” them in matters
like this (For those not familiar with the "beginning", read the
previous notes http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150269628785381 ). I did not know such an exceptionally faulty customer care was prevalent in an institution like EFCC.
I decided to ignore them and not go to their office until I had the
time. I mean, if I’ll be dealing with people that would treat me like
that in such an organization, I might as well go when I’m ready for

So it so happened that I got another call from Mr. CEE two days ago…5days after the initial call….at 9:18am on Wednesday, October 13, 2010. “Why have you not come to our office? Don’t you want
to pursue the case any longer?” he quizzed. I told him that I was really
displeased with the way he talked to me the last time he called. His
response? “If you want to talk about it call me back on this number
now”…and he hung the phone again. It was almost as if they were doing me
a favor. Or were they doing me a favor? Did the organization not give
him enough call credits to address matters like these? Wonders will
never end. So I called him back 10 hours later, when I had gotten enough
call credits, to discuss at length with him. I asked him why it took ONE MONTH for EFCC
to get back to me. He said that the petition I submitted did not get to
his desk until October 7, 2010 (one month after I submitted it). It
wasn’t until the petition was “minuted” (hope my English is correct)
upon by the appropriate office before he could act on it. He explained
that they’ve already drafted the “summon letter” that would be forwarded
to Zenith Bank; a letter that would mandate Zenith Bank to provide EFCC
with the contact information of the great Muhammed Yusuf.
However, they needed my final confirmation before sending the letter.
Hence the reason he called me with his personal phone (apparently there
was no company phone they could use to call) to follow up on the case.
He said that he would be transferred to Kaduna from October 18 and
anyone I meet in his department would handle the case; all I needed to
do was mention my name, they would bring up my “file.” After talking
with him I realized that he had actually done his best to address the
issue. I mean, give him some credit for using his personal call credit
to give me a buzz. At least he tried. So I am getting ready to go to EFCC and lets see where the case will lead to…..

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Comment by Ifeadi Anastasia Raluchi on October 29, 2010 at 8:38pm
We are lost in this country.

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