Alhaji Asari Dokubo, has come under attack by his fellow ex-

militant war lords, who have accused him of making treasonable

statements against the president-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, and

the nation.

Dokubo, according to The Nation, was berated by the president of

the national coalition of Niger Delta ex-agittators (NCNDE-A),

‘General’ Israel Akpodoro, who warned the former to desist from

making flagrant statements.

Akpodoro, at a meeting in Ugheli on Monday, May 25, accused

Dokubo of trying to make Niger Delta region issues a personal


He called on Dokubo to retrace his steps noting that the region

was ready to adopt peace.

“As peac‎e-loving people, the ex-militants have changed from the

war- war approach to a much peaceful and decent approach to

achieving results. We owe the Nigerian state our patriotism,

solidarity, loyalty as long as the federal government gives us an

unfettered sense of belonging in the state,” the group said.

He alleged that the genuine struggle for a better Niger Delta was

hijacked by people of narrow interests, who carried out impunity,

gangsterism‎ and nepotism.

According to him, the Niger Delta people have learnt their

lessons and as such would not allow themselves to be goaded into

another round of crisis in the region.

Akpodoro noted that the era where those, who used the region as a

platform for self-enrichment ended with President Goodluck

Jonathan’s administration, warned that: “Whoever engages in any

crime under any guise should answer to his crimes without

dragging the region along with him.”

Asari Dokubo has constantly threatened that the defeat of

President Jonathan, at the election could corrode the stability

in the Niger Delta region.

He recently warned that he was ready to‎ take on the federal

government if the interest of the region was not favourably

considered by the incoming All Progressives Congress led


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