Ex Beauty Queen Iwuala Christabel Weds her long time heartthrob in Benin.

Nigerian ex beauty queen Christabel Iwuala tied the wedding knot with her long time heartthrob in a glamorous wedding ceremony in Benin over the weekend. Held at the prestigious hotel and suite located in G. R. A Benin, the couple was regal in their attires with the bride’s attire especially adorned with Swarovski Crystals and crown.

The venue was filled up with one million roses, a 12ft-tall cake and star-studded guests, including Nollywood producer-Paschaline Bernard Ifeoma,Gospel Music producer- Mr Micheal Obasuyi,High priests and top Nigerian beauty queens.

The two lovebirds who got engaged early this year are currently chilling off in Accra Ghana for their honeymoon.
Source http://www.modelssphere.com/2017/08/exclusive-photos-from-ex-beauty...

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