It is great that we have a means to communicate in forums and within
networks, to initiate discussion and learn from one another through the
web. I see this network far beyond the idea of getting to know people, I
see this network as a positive change in Nigeria, where we can talk
about our problem, deduce ideas, and make comments.
Realistically this level of dialogue will take some time to be fully established in
the Nigerian society but I am hopeful and believe that we are getting
I would like to narrate a story here and propose a solution, its just a little solution, but you never know what it might turn out to
be in the end.
There once was a town called Jos, in the Heart of Nigeria, Plateau state, its days where filled with peace and all the
people of the land, worked in their farms or businesses, at night there
will be cultural shows, and gathering of celebrations, the youths where
active in their community, and felt safe in it. The weather Wow!! it was
25 degrees Celsius and really no more, foreigners will flock to the
town, markets will prosper and the economy was driven. Then in 2001,
September 7th, a riot broke, people were slaughtered, homes burnt, and
businesses destroyed. Although the riot only lasted a week ,it created a
wound in the society, that its leaders turned a blind eye to, whether
because they were incapable, overwhelmed, or angry themselves, no one
knows, but this wound festered and grew. People became sacred in their
homes, business could not pick themselves up, with the increase in
poverty and as an act of desperation, violence became the only option
for many and the vicious cycle of death reared its head ever so often to
cause more destruction and more death.
I am not sure what you might be thinking, maybe you have seen it all, heard it all, lived in Jos,
lost a loved one to the riot, or don't even care, what ever that is
going on through your mind think about this as well.
Cancer is just a group of cells that have no use, spreading over the body and eventually
killing the person.
Our unconcern, inability, incapability to treat our problems, has become a cancer that is eating us alive, you think
that the crises does not affect you, it does, there is no trade in Jos,
and therefore there are a lot more hungry and desperate people to deal
with, there is no love in Jos, with that hate, it is bound to create
outrage, that will make passages in and around that vicinity unsafe,
usually when there is an incident in Jos, another follows in Bauchi,
Kano, Kaduna, and then we see it going all the way to Lagos, so do we
need to see all these in our nose before we do something, for me the
answer is NO!!, Here is an email I am sure that it goes to the general
in-box that nobody ever checks in Plateau state constituency but here it
is anyway I sent an email to Governor Jang, encouraging him to push
for justice irrespective of religion or class and find out those
responsible for these actions, I encouraged as the present leader of the
state to find a way to restore order and sanity, as well as begin the
healing process, you can do the same to, you can even go further and
write an actual letter the cost of a stamp is not more than 50 naira, I
want to help I know that we all do, please let us not wait till the end,
lets write a happy ending to this story about a town called Jos.

[email protected]

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Comment by Don Matete on April 28, 2010 at 11:17am
Lovely piece from a jewel sure will do my bit...
Don Matete
Comment by Ikechi Livingstone on April 28, 2010 at 12:14am
Very good of you vikky. Was a nice one.

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