Events Surrounding the Death of BRIGHT ORIEKOSE and the involvement of Mr. Martins Okute AKA Doctor White, A Call For Justice

The families of late Bright Oriekose who was murdered on the 24th day of December, 2020 has continue to cried out and request for thorough investigation and further prosecution of those that have hands on the death of their son, the deceased who returned from a trip was to lodge in an hotel with his friend who was said to be his personal assistant meanwhile on that faithful day the deceased, the said P.A (Kazeem) accompany by the deceased brother was to lodged in an hotel around 2nd East Circular Road in Benin City when the said P.A Kazeem told the deceased that was driving to stop at 2nd Junction by Sokponba Road to picked up a friend that the said P.A was expecting, as they approached the junction the P.A asked for the deceased phone with which he then used to make a call directing someone to meet them at 2nd East Circular  Junction describing the car they drove that day, after ending the call, not up to 5mins, two men on black walked straight to where their car was parked and shot straight to the said BRIGHT ORIEKOSE, it was said that immediately Bright was shot the said P.A Kazeem alighted from the car and has not been seen since that day, 
Meanwhile from findings it was said that one Ebuka Nwaechie Elumogor who is a brother in-law to the deceased and a friend to the said P.A has earlier threatened to deal with the deceased because of a misunderstanding between them, it was gathered that Ebuka has earlier summons the deceased to a gathering of friends suspected to be cult group somewhere in sapele road for the misunderstanding and since then they have not been in good terms, during the surmons the deceased was said to have fought with the said Ebuka for disrespecting him as the husband to his elder sister but it was said that friends to Ebuka became angry and promised to dealt with the deceased for fighting their friend in front of them hence from that day the deceased wa said to have traveled out of town until the day he turned to spent the 2020 Christmas with his family when the said PA was used to lure him out for the act, the wife of the deceased Rita Nwaechie Elumogor was said to have gone out of reach since the murdered and has refused to see or even talk to the deceased family, she used officers from the former SARS department to raid the home of the mother of the deceased where she part way with all the documents of the deceased properties given to the deceased mother by the deceased when he was alive, she accused the deceased brothers of having hand on the murdered of their brother, they were arrested and been questioned at the police station when she used a police team led by One Officer Rex at SARS in the Edo State Command to raid the deceased mother's house where all the said properties documents are, investigations that was done didn't show any of the brothers hand on the murdered hence they were later release from Force CID after due investigation.
It was said that one Mr. Martin Okute AKA Doctor White was intervening on the matter, Dr. White is a relation to the deceased family who earlier stood with them and intervene for the release of the brothers of which he also promised to see that Justice is done but though, has not kept to that promised, the family has not relent on their attempt to get Justice for their son,  they said Doctor White has turn his back on them to the extent of threatening them hence they are still agitating for Justice.
"If You Cannot Fight For Us, Then Live Us To Fight Our Fight", the head of the family and elder brother to the deceased Mr. Sunday Oriekose said,
The success of this investigation depends on the transparency of both the individuals and authority that has taken up this matter, the human right organization (Initiative for Youth & People's Freedom Organization), Edo State Government, the Nigeria Police Edo State Command and all lovers of Justice should please see that the said PA Kazeem, Wife to the deceased who is no where to be found now and the brother Ebuka who is already remanded be meant to answer the questions begging for answers on how the said BRIGHT ORIEKOSE was murdered.

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