Essential Appliances for Every Office Break Room

Every office needs a break room ( also called a Lunch room) where employees can get to relax,eat lunch or enjoy some time away from work.

Consider how these appliances could help improve the productivity of employees and also give them a homey feeling while at work.

1. Coffee Makers

No office break room is complete without at least one coffee maker. Whether it’s to pop the eyes open first thing in the morning or keep off the afternoon slump, the coffee does the job.

There are various types of coffee makers to select from based on the size of the break room. Small break rooms with few employees could be served by home models while large break rooms could utilize commercial models.

2. Kettles

Not all of employees crave coffee,some prefer the simple taste and aroma of tea. With a cup of tea comes the need for hot water and most tea drinkers will prefer to have a water kettle on hand so they can pour themselves a cup at their convenience.

3. Water Dispensers
One of the easiest appliance to spot in an office break room is the Water dispenser (standing firm like a guard). Every employee needs water to stay hydrated throughout the day and a water dispenser is easily the best way to provide it.
This appliance not only hold gallons of up to 19 ltr of water, but they constantly offer up cold, and hot water depending on the need. The Water dispenser is the perfect source for water when you want to make coffee or tea too.

4. Microwaves
Employees will use the microwave to make their lunch or reheat it, an office break room needs at least one microwave on hand.
Not only will they be used by nearly everyone in your office, but they’re easy to maintain and one of the most affordable appliances you can own.

5. Toasters
Toasters are another essential appliance for your office break room especially when breakfast being the most important meal of the day is involved. As with microwaves, a lot of employees will also use them to make their lunch.
Not only are they compact and portable, they’re also easy to clean and cash-friendly.

6. Sandwich Maker
Almost similar to the toaster, the sandwich maker does even more by allowing the foodie employee add any kind of toppings or spicing to their bread,biscuits, omlettes,cheese etc.

7. Refrigerators
Employees who pack their own lunch will love having a fridge available to them in the office. Whether it’s a mini fridge or a larger, full-sized fridge, your employees will appreciate being able to drop off their lunch in the morning and know it will be waiting for them at lunchtime, fresh and tasty.
Also, eating out every day is quite expensive, but if your break room has a refrigerator, employees will be more likely to pack their lunch and stay on the premises. This not only saves employees money, but it also increases productivity because workers will take less time to eat on site as opposed to going to a restaurant or cafeteria, where wait times can extend the lunch hour.

8. Smoothie Maker
Some employees are fruit lovers and may like to have their fruits while at work. Getting a Smoothie maker doesn't cost a fortune. Infact, they bring good benefits since it will help the smoothie drinker be more healthy and consequently more productive at work. Also, clients can be served smoothies allowing to them to feel the sweetness and freshness of nature at your workplace.

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