Entrepreneurship is the worst! Let me tell you why


Yeah, I said it.

Most of you are wondering what I am talking about or why I am saying it. like, am I not meant to be inspiring and motivating you guys that want to be entrepreneurs.

Yeah, I know my job. But most importantly, I just have to tell you the f****** bitter truth.

For anyone that wants to live a life surrounded by good friends, plenty family time, and have an incredible social life, and be an entrepreneur. Please! You are deceiving yourself.

All those things might come only when you stop playing the game or you make your business totally automated.

But I am not talking about a lifestyle business, that all you need is a laptop and good WiFi.

I am talking about those who want to build empires and change the world.
If you want to be the next Zuckerberg, Gates or Dangote. Get ready for the s*** storm of mental, financial and, basically all life issues coming your way.

If you want to be a part of the 1% in the world. Get ready to suffer the pain only the 1% feel.

There are a lot of issues starting entrepreneurs go through, but I am going to talk about only one, mainly, because I am very familiar with it.

What am I talking about?

Lonely, that is such a pathetic word. It is definitely not the first word that comes to mind when pondering the entrepreneur. But, it is a reality, take it from someone who experiences it first hand.

God! Being an entrepreneur is lonely as F***! Most of you guys see the top CEOs and Owners in all their energetic personalities. The masters of their universe, doing what they love and controlling their fate.

But what you won’t see is the yearning in most of us to connect deeply with our community in a normal way.

Don’t think of having a lot of friends as an entrepreneur. We are always busy. We already have primary commitments to our families and can’t even keep up with the friends we have.

Personally, I have only 3 people I spend 10% of my time with, and my parents are not one of them. Both of them are like minded people and the other is my girlfriend.

I swear, if we didn’t go to the same school, I don’t think I would even have any time to talk to any of them. the other 90% of my time is spent looking at a screen, reading and, just hustling in every possible way I can.

Recently, I have not even had anytime to make a call to anyone. My good friend (a girl) gave me her number and told me to call her sometime. Like, Are you serious?

God! I don’t even have time or the energy to call my girl. But, I love my girl because she understands and always supports me.

I can’t remember the last time I watched a complete movie. I have not even seen Wonder Woman, and I hear it is crazy. Don’t even mention Game Of Thrones.

There is no time for anything, ever, only the Grind.

Even, for those running corporations and startups having a number of employees and business partners and sometimes, co-founders. They know that it is lonely at the top.

From an outsider’s perspective, this all might seem a bit crazy. How can someone who has created their destiny, is accomplished and successful, feel this way?

For those starting out, you have to understand that the journey is yours and yours alone. You can’t share it with most.

Yeah, you might have loved ones, friends, or a spouse you can talk to and confide in, but they won’t understand it from your perspective.

Some of you have a founding team, a partner to work with, which can help with the pressure, but for most, it’s truly just you.

Yes, you can have employees too, but those internal battles you fight, you can’t share such things with them the way you would with a partner. You are on the top. This is your battle, only yours to fight.

Plus, think of the mindset you need as an entrepreneur. You can’t be weak. You can’t afford to lose your hunger or drive to succeed. And, always keep a positive attitude

Think of how draining it can become to truly celebrate you accomplishments, your big and small wins. For true entrepreneurs, we can only celebrate by clapping for yourself.

Seriously, that’s the highest you can do. a clap. You have to always be on the move and not dwell too much on a win, but instead take that accomplishment as the minimum you need now to grow.

Never settling, always looking for the next opportunity.

Now, you see how most successful entrepreneurs really feel inside.

How can you overcome it?

How can be keep going, feeling fulfilled, happy and driven?

There are a few options you can take, I will list them in my next post. But, I will give you one method I use.

I know this is not what of you wanted to hear. But, it is the best I can give you for now.
You have heard the quote “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable”. Well, being lonely is f****** uncomfortable, so you better get comfortable with it.

You have to look ahead and think of those goals you want to achieve, your empire, cars, bling-bling, and just know that eliminating your social life is a small price to pay.

To be successful, you must love the process, the grind and all the b******* that will come your way even more than the lifestyle you want to achieve.

Until, you accept it and stop thinking that you are weird or imperfect, or just being worried about it, you will never truly be happy and it might make you quit. But,

Quitters are Losers!
And, because I know that you are not a quitter, you have to love the process and get comfortable with all the struggles and hardships you will face, if you want to live that dream life you want.

Remember, to be a part of the 1%, you have to do what the 99% are not doing. And, that is a lot of unusual and painful stuff.

So, Number 1 advice: Get comfortable with being lonely.

See you in the next post.
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Catch you later

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