The problem Nigeria has when it comes to electricity is not far fetched. Those in authority knows this too well but has kept blind eyes from the truth simply because they have emassed enough wealth not only for themselves but for their next generation to come in expense of the poor masses of this country.

With the country making billions of dollars in the sales of crude oil and other mineral resources that abound in the country, Nigerian leaders nay, RULERS should be ashamed to make us go through all this hardship. Let us ask ourselves, how much does it need to fix the power sector which should be the engine of driving the economy? How comes, there is no political will to fix the power sector with all the huge budget every year? It surprises me that a country as tiny as NIGER, BUKINA-FASO, BENIN REPUBLIC, TOGO or even GHANA whose economy is no where to be compared to Nigeria, enjoys steady power supply but Nigeria which claims on paper to be giant of africa still sleep with candles and lantern everynight.

In Nigeria, there are people who are feeding on all this hardship Nigerians are facing. Can anyone tell me why the federal government has allowed importation of generators into the country to make them close their eyes from fixing the power sector? I do not discourage people from doing business but must it be to the detriment of the generality of the country? Can someone, tell us why the dredging of River Niger which many successive government made huge budget has uptil now not been started? Can someone, tell us why a state like Anambra does not have an airport? Can someone tell us in this country why we should be exporting what we lack in the country but import what we dont need? Many of our busnessmen are now shifting to neighbouring countries because the only thing that should keep them in Nigeria (POWER) is not available thus depriving millions of our youths gainful employment. THIS IS A SHAME AND TOTAL MADNESS!

Evereyday, things continue to get worst in a country so much blessed with human and material resources. Millions of Nigerians die as a result of the toxics they inhale from generators, some have died as a result of explosion from kerosines in their lanterns at night. People die everyday as a result of bad roads not because we dont have money or that there wasnt budgets to fix them but, because those who has found themselves at the helms of affairs have refused to do what is right. Youths of Nigeria, lets say ENOUGH to all this madness and face the reality by challenging these people with REVOLUTION. The next generation of our children will ask us questions if we do nothing now and very fast too. Let us rise up in one accord and say no more to this ungodly wickedness our so called leaders are metting on us by voting all of them out with our VOTES as a mark of our anger and frustration. Long live, the Nigerian youths!!!!!!!

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Comment by Oguejiofor, Chinedu Benjamin on March 22, 2011 at 12:31am
Like you know my mind, you have spoken absolutely nothing but the truth. The hoi polloi suffer in penury while the elected politicians suck the honey of this blessed country. Nothing is as shameful as this,.in this country can you see children dying of treatable diseases. Only in nigeria can the INEC demand 87billion naira to conduct election that will only recycle the aged and dumb head politicians. No one can  boast of anything sustainable in this country,.high unemployment rate, infant mortality, decaying educational system, no health care coverage, no social welfare for aged and elderly or physically handicapped. This is a huge shame to all those in power and to those of us who sit here and do nothing,.evil triumph only when wise men stay and pretend unnoticed. sometimes i feel so ashamed of myself as a nigerian, we cry ,suffer and die in poverty while our leader loot the treasury and live in affluence both here and abroad. There is no future for typical nigerian youth. we must rise up and stand against the madness and shape the future of our country for ourselves and the youths after us. REVOLUTION is the way forward,. we must be as brave as egyptians and tunisians and libyans. Let us organise and do the right thing,. this election is a sham and it will obviously has no credibility. INEC has turned to Oliver Twist and our president has no economic developments plans for this country and hence shy away from presidential debate. Its our generation, we have to say no to them,,.. Long live the nigerian youths.
Comment by sandy on March 21, 2011 at 11:10am
When talking of thief have you forgotting that Tinubu is self is a thief that during is tenure Mallam Nuhu Ribadu only spoke of is nonchalant deed and it was settled and the same Tinubu that Nuhu Ribadu caught during is term in office as the EFCC chairman is sponsoring Ribadu .

Look they should not decieve us Ribadu is a thief same goes to Tinubu and if i have to cast my vote for PDP is not for PDP but for jonathan because there is drastic change in the 1 years he serve as the president just that the greedy and selfish Nigeria are frustaing is effort.

Don't be surprise that Next Tenure Tinubu wife will be the next Governor of Lagos state .

So can see that it is a carbal that is ruling us and if i cast my vote for ACN i am precisely casing my vote for Tinubu and that is crazy he has brought tout in the whole of Lagos and for that reasons Educations cannot be emphasize any more .

Lets give Jonathan room to explode and see how far he can go the heat is too much for him


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