It is not acceptable that we should encourage the like of Adamu Ciroma and his NPLF gangsters to continue holding our dear country Nigeria to hostage because of their selfish interests. It is belittling the office of the president and the mandate that PDP has given Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to run for the presidency to have gone begging this spent forces to accept him before he could contest the april presidential election when it is obvious that Nigerian has spoken their minds about the change they quickly needed. Why cant these lunatics learn from what is happening in the Arab states, that the youths are tired of recycling and will go the extra mile to pursue them out of governance even with their voices. It baffled me to read that Mr. Dimeji Bankole lost the touch of the realities when he said what happened in Tunisia and Egypt cant happen in Nigeria. Mubarak trusted in his ability but where is he today? And if such personality with all the backings of the millitary myth could surrender to the wishes of the Egyptians who rose up to say enough is enough, i see same happening in Nigeria one day. Mr. President sir, if you really know that you have the interest of the hunger striken youths of Nigeria in mind and with all your conscience that the CHANGE which we are so much yawning for, stop begging this people who have sworn that they will not be alive to see any good change take place in Nigeria but trust the youths who have endorsed your candidacy because if really Adamu Ciroma has anything to offer as a person with his ZONING clamour, he would have delivered his state to Atiku Abubakar.


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