Energetic Preschoolers? 5 Important Tips for a Calmer Classroom

There was a time when we all face a problem with the energetic preschoolers. Because little kids have too much energy and that’s why it becomes hard for the teachers to control in the classroom.

I felt like there were constant struggles.

Centers time include gripping, pushing or even sometimes running from activity to activity.

Circle time I felt that now it is impossible as they all wriggled and talked in a loud sound when I pointing out something in a book One more thing sends back to the classroom was also another issue as they walk like a torture. Thousands of time I say to line up properly but they keep on running all around.

When I was appointed as a new teacher for preschoolers, where I have some expectations for the children. I found great difficulty while dealing with energetic preschoolers.

As I am a very keen observer after observing many years I found some solution that was surely worked. Also, I change class schedule many times as well as themes of the classroom and try some unique activities. 

Below there are some tips that you must try if you want to make calm in the classroom.

1. Make sure your schedule is balanced with soft and active activities.

I believe that Preschool children have a never-ending supply of energy and they do not sit for a long period of time at a single place. In our childhood, we have learned different things and follow schools rules and regulation like I learn when there is a ball ring all students make a queue to go outside and where students learn any small activity or piece of a lesson. For example, watering a plant, put the garbage in the dustbin and move in a queue, should include in a preschool activity.

Design a timetable that includes both quiet as well as active activities, because it is essential to calm the classroom.

If you are unable to allow preschool children to go for any reason then turn on some piece of music and call all children to dance. After sometime these preschoolers feel that they will release some energy, now they can perform some task that needs silence in the classroom like giving worksheets to do painting, coloring or tracing.

2. Provide hands-on activities that get the whole body moving.

Create such activity that involves different part of a body of the preschoolers. Activities that include body movements. Not only activities there are some games that you were playing will your preschoolers like moving around the table as well as doing any other things. Some activities include farm painting, friendship art, splatter paint and musical chair.


3. Break up your circle times.

Shorter piece of activities is most achievable and successful for preschoolers, especially for those students who do not sit for long period of time. In our preschool, we design 3 circle times every day which include morning meeting, weather and books, and music and movement.


4. Get them moving!

When infant start to grow they want to move everywhere. It is suggested to hold your child and go to some park and any other open space. Let play with them like throwing balls and give some slides and much more.

If you are unable to go outside then in your classroom find the big area and play some cheerful music and call to preschoolers to move their whole body. Some teachers performed by juggling scarves on hand. This game is free from a risk that not child have fallen or injured.


5. Have a stash of quiet, calming activities on hand at all times.

There are some days that are very hectic and you did all the above things but still, there are children who do not settle down. These are days where you need to make changes in your action plan. Now it’s a time to include stash activities like turn off or dim the light of the classroom, play some soft music or even you can ask some funny question.



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