Endless killings must stop or we divide

Why do we citizens of this great nation fall victim to the political war between two parties or individuals whose own personal ambitions supersedes that of his people or the nation? Asari dokunbo threatening war, insisting his excellency Goodluck Jonathan winning a second term in office or blood we shed and across the country, arewa and co. contesting whose blood we flow much. Whose blood are they talking about, the blood of countless people trying to survive the poverty and corruption that have robbed we of our happiness, joy and off course comfort. I think the problem with this country is that meaningless groups or people with guns believe that they have a voice because they can kill and go free, example the Boko Harem. Boko Harem can never survive in Europe or America but have upper edge in Nigeria. why? supported by the northern elites vying for presidential power come 2015, believing that power rightly belongs in the north... Pure stupidity .. enough is a enough, endless killings must stop or the only solution to this never ending war will be to divide.

President Goodluck Jonathan, holds the key to stop this madness, how do he do it? get the man behind the mask and that is Buhari, the man who can never accept he is weak, not capable and for sure never going to be president. Arresting him would be the beginning and end of the war, who is boss, jonathan or buhari? who is in control of the armed forces, why can't the north be controlled by the man in charge of the armed forces? why can't the man in charge get that masked man and force him to speak or is he simply afraid of the backlash or not capable him self to lead us out of this disastrous situation we are facing. Only his excellency have the power to stop this nonsense, he is in control and not the northern elites and especially not Buhari and his masked puppets.

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