Emptiness…zero (0) Phenomenon!


MYO…Journey (Illusion) Life!

My…Journey! Your…Journey!! Our…Journey!!!


 “Emptiness” Zero (0) Phenomenon…D external appearance of all things in phenomenal world or material world looks pretty real but is “unreal “and “insubstantial…”

Religiously…emptiness means:

To remove all wishes, desires, unease, fight, and even the impermanence in order to reach the elevation of spirit of “Liberating from worldly cares”.

Philosophically…emptiness means: the principles of

“No real substance of all things”,

“No self”,

“No original nature”,

 Most importantly;” Very truth emptiness”…Zero (0) phenomenon!


WHY D…Fuss? Pause & Think!

Why do we make so much big deal about life?

The Illusion that has no meaning…

The unknown journey that is beyond our control…


The questions still remain:

Do we (U & I) know what happens when we are born? Zero (0) Phenomenon! Pause & Think…

Do we (U& I) know what happens when we die…? Zero (0) Phenomenon! Pause & Think…

Pause & think… See d attached illustration!


Why do we let our EGO mislead us …?

Why are we so selfish…self-centered…?


The Mind…The Body…The Soul (Journey through life)


What do we control from the three (3) significant…elements?  Pause & Think…

The “Mind;” (Visible spirit)…Maybe to some extend (Thought…process phenomenon) that carries d intention or maybe not…

Most agree that minds are constituted by conscious perception, reason, imagination, memory, emotion, attention, experience and intelligent thought. Common attributes of mind include and a capacity for communication. A rich set of unconscious processes are also included in many modern characterizations of mind. Courtesy: Wikipedia. In order words, when we talk about our mind we actually referring to our complex “Brain.” Period! To God be d glory…


The “Body;” d unreal is actually a ‘fiction’ assumed to be real in our creative thought through our “Mind.” (Always in constant struggle with external forces – material world…ego…etc.) The flaws we (U & I) sees in our body…our life…our journey through life that begin at zero (emptiness) aren’t inherent. They aren’t bad news delivered by our genes or mistakes by God or Mother Nature. We’re the source of every result, either consciously or unconsciously…

Our genes (…to God be the glory) tune in to our thoughts and emotions, and in mysterious ways they switch our genes ‘on” and “off” according to our desires.



The “Soul” that carries the potential (d Invisible spirit, unknown energy, our spiritual body)

Our link to Almighty GOD… (Soul - A step-down transformer between d creator & d creation)

A complete map of the “soul” would be at least as complex as the human “Brain.”

However, here’s a simple map that will turn out to be extremely useful according to Dr.  Deepak Chopra

GOD = infinite energy, love, creativity, intelligence

SOUL = stepping down energy, love, creativity, intelligence

MIND & BODY = human level of energy, love, creativity, intelligence



Altogether, our useful soul gives us the vision, the desire, and the will to evolve while our creative mind (d…good… bad…ugly) carries that vision into the realm of thinking and our brain receives the message and begins to give it physical shape…


As a baby (child) we know nothing…ZERO point at the beginning!

As an older person we cannot control anything… vulnerability stage…

At the end of our lifecycle (demise) we don’t know what happens to our body…our soul…

ZERO point at the end! See d attached illustration...

Pause & think…


In a nutshell:

Let us learn to purify our “Mind”

Let us broaden ourselves and fill our “mind” with beautiful “thoughts”

Let us learn to make our “Mind” (mimic) like “LAND” –Mother Nature lessons from GOD…

Because…Land has beautiful virtues: when animals shed their excrement on land, land never express anything angrily, because it is not swayed and is completely indifferent; when humans (the rich and famous, sages and saints, or so called perfect people) walk over land, land feels nothing, again because it is not swayed and is completely indifferent..

Land is not involved or affected by favorable or dangerous situations. Land always welcomes all kinds of situations. It will not take or give up anything, is never confused, is never swayed or attracted by anything, never starts an idea or gives up an idea, peacefully enjoys leisure and endures patiently, and is completely serene.


These are some of the beautiful virtues of the land that we take for granted and step on every day.


Aloud me to digress by saying:

Profoundly…there are only two (2) true religions in the whole wide world:


D…religion of “Righteousness”

D…religion of “Wickedness”


It is our prerogative to choose the right path and enjoy the fruit of life…D illusion…D unknown!

“Life is too short already; why do we want to speed it up…” Pause & think!



My…journey! Your…journey!! Our…journey!!!


As always!


To GOD be D glory!


Prince ‘lasun

Peace! Shalom!! Salam!!!

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