We the staff of GIANT STEPS INITIATIVE a.k.a New Millennium Generation Moverspowered by CLINTPELLO INT'L is saddled with the responsibility of awakening and promoting a societal consciousness of personal productivity,self-reliance, and entrepreneurial development as the paradigm to eradicating poverty and unemployment in Nigeria and Africa at large.

   No doubt, most individuals have resorted to violence, kidnapping, briber and corruption, prostitution, drug and human trafficking, homicide, armed robbery, Internet scam, cultism and ritual killings, gambling and order illegitimacy vices as a measure of combating poverty. despite the resource endowment of Nigeria, many of her citizens are living in abject poverty. 

   Many graduates of higher institutions are roaming the streets of the country because of unemployment and this has resulted in many heinous crime in the society.

   Nigeria is one of the only country in the world with above 70% unemployment while the US with less than 10% unemployment is crying of crisis, Nigeria does not even talk about its unemployment issues. Yet, annually, Nigerian universities and Polytechnics continue to churn out more than 150,000 graduates (Bachelor's degrees and HND). Well meaning Nigerians should be worried. The enormity of the unemployment challenge which has become a colossal one-a socio-economic affliction of great proportions can be illustrated most vividly when out of the 13,000 applications received by the Dangote Group of Companies for Graduate Executive Truck Drivers, there were 6 Ph.D, 704 Masters and over 8,460 Bachelors degree holders. Most astonishing was the fact that the company only needed 100 drivers but got 13,000 applications, most of them from reputable universities.

    In the light of this, I would say emphatically, that our economy is in dire need of help and a solution. And an efficient private sector is the number one catalyst for job creation in the world. It is on this note this company was established; as one of its agenda is the creation of jobs. The era of job-hunting and finding none is becoming old fashioned as we the New Millennium Generation Movers are on the match to job creation, which will create millions of private sector jobs to reduce Nigeria's shameful 73%unemployment. Thereby, creating a New World Order of ideas development, creativity, and self-reliance among her citizens of Nigeria.

 CLINTPELLO INT'L is currently massively recruiting for the postion of Agent of Change Manager Opportunity. Call ABADI 08185213188 for more info or email us at [email protected]


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