The magnitude of terror disasters over the years shows that terrorism and insecurity is a global problem that requires immediate attention.

          The response was a fight against such defined groups that perpetrate oppressive, violent and murderous act on the general populate. Islamic radicalism is fingered as responsible for the attacks and seen as a threat to peace, security and prosperity of global community (Faith, 2013). The world view about insecurity and terrorism was shattered by September 11, 2001 attack and the subsequent declaration of “War against Terror” by the US; the issue of terrorism was pursued to the forefront of international political discourse.

          Nigeria in recent times has witnessed an unpresented level of insecurity. This made national security threat to be a major issue for the government and this has prompted huge allocation of national budget to security. In order to ameliorate the incident of crime, the federal government has embarked on the criminalization of terrorism and other related matter by passing the anti terrorism Act in 2011, with the lingering security challenge and the inability of the security apparatus of the government to guarantee safety and the security country, peace and security of the nation will be in jeopardy if not checked. Adugu (2012) and Alufera (2011) are of the view that the effort of the government has not yielded enough positive result in the fight against insecurity. With the recent happening, the government has double its effort towards the fight and the result has been positive.

          Book Haram as a terror group has behind a lot of attacks in Nigeria. from onset, the attacks have been on government properties, institutions and agencies. Book Haram activities emerged from mere attacks on government institution, agencies to seceding of parts of north east Nigeria and declaring it an Islamic caliphate. This led to the government to declared state of emergency in north east states particularly Yobe, Borno, and Adamawa states to curb their activities and to exterminate Boko Haram insurgency.



This study was embarked upon to ascertain the threat of Boko Haram insurgency to the peace and stability of Nigeria. Boko Haram has committed a lot of atrocities particularly to the north eastern part of Nigeria. So many lives have been lost and properties worth millions of naira destroyed. The fight against Boko Haram insurgency by government has taken different dimensions ranging from declaration of state of emergency in the most affected state, forming of civilian joint task force along with military men to tackle book Haram. This effort by the government has been yielding positive results in the fight against insurgency. Book Haram threatens the peace, stability and the nationhood of Nigeria by ceding part and declaring it a caliphate. This declaration prompted the government to move in with full in the fight against Boko Haram insurgency. The study cover north eastern part of Nigeria which has been the focal point of Boko Haram activities. This study adopts the survey method. Data was collected using the questionnaire and analysed with Pearson Product Movement Correlation (PPMC). It was found that Boko Haram has a positive relationship with poverty and illiteracy. Also the threat pose by Boko Haram to the peace and stability of Nigeria is significant. Bases of these findings, it is recommended that the government should continue its onslaught against Boko Haram, sponsors and sources of funding of Boko Haram should be traced within a view to bringing the culprit to book. Government should adopt an effective measure to ensure local police force and home security guard. This arrangement must evolve from the local communities, believing that every village or town is secured, the nation in turn be secured.



EDITOR SOURCE: Empirical Analysis Of The Activities Of Boko Haram In The Northeast...


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