Dear Nigerians,

We are tired of politics of corruption, were those who have milked the country without fear or shame are still parading themselves as the most qualified because of the ill gotten wealth.

These is somewere around the corner were the emergence of a new style leadership is rearing up, no more open stealing..................we shall rise agaist it someday, we shall show them them that we know know what they have done...........we will stand up for our rights,.......

you cant steal and still parade yourself as a God sent............

all the monies will be returned...............

we shalll seee

join me in this new emerge!!!!!

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Comment by Mwakuk Jang on June 23, 2010 at 3:44pm
What you have said is very correct. Now is the time for us to insist on transparency in all things being done, especially in the elections. It is only when the process of electing the leaders is transparent that we will be able to choose leaders that we will serve selflessly and be held accountable to the people.

Nigerians must rise to the task. May I use this medium to call on President Goodluck Jonathan, GCFR to finish the good work thrust upon him by ensuring that credible elections are conducted in Nigeria, just like it happened in Ghana. We are really tired of looters who own estates all over the place and have stashed money in foreign banks that will take the next ten generations of their families.

Arise 0 Nigerians, the time has come for a change. Let all those who do not have voters cards ensure that they obtain theirs as the new INEC Chair has just been screened, and as soon as he takes office, that will be one of his tasks.

Our votes must count, that is the only way a leader can be transparrently elected. The leader that will emerge in the process will have the interest of the country at heart and not his own selfish interests.

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