But now we can give thanks to social media which made fundraising much easier in several ways. It is cost effective and broke the boundary of remoteness. All it requires is a good social media strategy with little effort of creativity!

Engaging your target audience through social media, you have a better chance of reaching your target people around the world who are even not located in your physical area. Social Media made easiest way to find people and companies who believe and want to help your nonprofit. You need full of information and real time support system to convince the people. Sometimes Social media may seem like a waste of time, but many large nonprofits, such as Amnesty International, Save the Children, Plan International, Greenpeace, and others, have effectively used social media to raise funds and increase donations. And the engagement in social media to raise the fund increase day by day.

Now question is what are the ways to raise money through Social Media? And how do you continue to increase donations via social media? Well, there are different ways to use the social media to fund raise for your cause. Here I describe a simplest way to collect donation.

To support the Non Profits, Facebook allow and accept donations through their Facebook Page and added a “Donate Now” option to their call-to-action buttons. You can apply for accepting donation using Facebook digital payments system. It would require Facebook to invest significant time and financial resources into creating a process to validate the legal status against your Non Profit Facebook Page.

You can add this great option within a minute on your organization’s Facebook page. But remained it, before adding this page, you should make your website properly for donation. Keep in mind your Page’s category must be set to “Non-Profit Organization” in order to view the Donate Now call-to-action button. You can add the Donate button to your Page the same way you add other call-to-action options.

Follow the below steps to add ‘Donate Now’ button on your organization’s FB page

Step 1: Select “Edit call to action” on your Facebook Page.


Step 2: Select the “Donate Now” button and insert link to your nonprofit’s website



Step 3: Save “Donate Now” button on your Facebook Page.


After completing the integration of Donate Now button on your Facebook page, review and analyze data such as virility of posts, events, campaigns, and contests. Make necessary adjustments on images, color schemes, profile picture, case study and basic information about your organization etc. Take initiative to increase your Fan page likes and share with other social groups in Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. A 2012 study from Ipsos OTX revealed that 22% of global internet users said they would make donation when a friend liked or followed the cause on a social network such as Facebook or Twitter.

Let your donors know how the money will spend and also give regular information how this money have been spent. And endorse their generous support through email and especially on social media where all their friends can see it, makes them feel special!




Originally published on www.disa4dev.org