The synergy of paralysis and death to this sector of our economy,country and nation. Education has been known to be a liberator of life from the so many uncertainties and challenges of the future, while corruption is a canker worm that burrows through the depth of the fibers of truth, justices and equity and renders it a chick in the midst of eagles with no power to compete when the occasion arises. These two (EDUCATION AND CORRUPTION) are supposed to go their separate ways, but in this country they are friends inseparable. Corruption which is a major player in other sector of the economy has now found its way by crawling into our education, with the venom of life but not unto resurrection instead death to our education sector. Education, which is the only factor of growth that will see the lost glory of this nation glimmer with hope, but how can it when handled with levity and the I don’t care attitude of the so called leaders who only God knows if they truly understand the process that gave birth to their present positions in our private and public sectors. But then the question here is how has corruption attached itself to our education, where did I get this idea from? Let’s consider this, the west African examination council (WAEC) and the national examination council (NECO) has now lost its place and purpose in our country, because for each of this their question can now be bought some few days before the examination, yes. The officials would afford to give those out so as to take something home for the wife and kids as the husband and father. These examination bodies are no longer a standard body of examination council in our country. Why, Corruption, students now befriend so many of their male and female teachers and lecturers in universities, with no due regard an honor to the noble profession, students negotiate their ways with money even to the extent of calling their lecturers and teachers to pick up the money at cash point, such disrespect, but with money these people will do anything. Sometime ago a lecturer bought a car at the end of one semester after all the students he taught failed that course, but in the end they all passed with a price that if multiplied by 100 will equal #400,000. Hmmm! This is serious, but it’s happening around us, more so I ‘m also a student in one of our institutions, so we see and feel these things. Here is a reply from a student I had opportunity to discuss these issues with sometime ago. What then is the need for burning late nights candles and studying hard to ensure success, when we can just vote for our (As) with 4k(four thousand naira), a beg jooo he said.I’m appealing to us all, Lets join hands together and help the future of this nation by ensuring that we play our parts well by standing and saying NO TO CORRUPTION.

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