Edo State House of Assembly in free for all fight "Wonders shall never end".

Headlines Feb 22, 2010

Hon. J. E. Oghumah, member of Edo State House of Assembly, who was allegedly, injured during the fracas and Action Congress supporters jubilating outside the Edo State of Assembly complex, after a fracas between PDP and AC lawmakers in Benin-City. Photos: Barnabas Uzosike.

*Speaker impeached

By Simon Ebegbulem
BENIN CITY-HELL was let loose at the hallowed chambers of the Edo State House of Assembly Monday, when members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the Action Congress (AC) members in the House, threw caution to the winds in a free for all fight.

The Action Congress lawmakers resumed sitting after the fracas, impeached the Speaker, Zakawanu Garuba and swore in Mr Peter Aliu, representing Etsako East as the Acting Speaker.

Three AC lawmakers Shuaibu Philip, Johnson Oghuma, Kabiru Adjoto sustained serious injuries in the fracas. One of the lawmakers used axe to cut Oghuma’s head while they were struggling to get possession of the mace.

However, Zakawanu who addressed newsmen after the AC lawmakers concluded proceedings described the impeachment as laughable, saying that he still remains the Speaker of the House. The PDP in the state through its chairman, described the action as “a failed coup”, saying that “they need 16 members to impeach the Speaker but they were not able to get it and they decided to cause trouble in the state”.

The state Government through the Special Adviser to the Governor on Political Matters, Mr Charles Idahosa, absolved the state government from the fracas, saying that “it is an internal affair of the lawmakers to change their leadership any time they want. Thank God the Governor is not even in town when this thing happened but you will see them running their mouth that it was the Governor who instigated it”.

Trouble started when Speaker Zakawanu said that all that was read by the Clerk of the House, Bar. Egbe Evbuomwan was a true reflection of what transpired in their last proceedings and that they should proceed to the next item on the list.

But Bright Omokhodion, a PDP lawmaker and other AC members disagreed, and told the Speaker that what was read was not the true reflection of what happened.

There was pandemonium at this level, the AC lawmakers went for the mace, and in order to stop them, a lawmaker brought out an axe and another one brought out a tear gas canister and the lawmaker with axe rushed Oghuma and cut his head with the axe. Oghuma is the AC lawmaker that recently won the House of Assembly re-run election in Etsako Central Local Government Council of the state.

One of the injured House Member being rushed to a hospital

There was blood stain everywhere as the lawmakers engaged in a free for all fight. After the drama, the PDP members left the House of Assembly premises. But the AC lawmakers and a PDP lawmaker, Bright Omokhidion who immediately defected to the AC, continued proceedings.Omokhodion’s defection now gave AC 13 member majority while PDP now has 11.

However, the lawmakers who sustained serious injuries were rushed to the Central Hospital for treatment.
They joined their colleagues after receiving treatment at the hospital. Oghuma came back with a nurse standing behind him while proceedings were on. Shortly after the Clerk of the House, Barr. Evbuomwan swore in Peter Aliu as the Acting Speaker, Mr Omokhodion informed the House of an impeachment notice on Speaker Zakawanu Garuba and his deputy Levis Aigbogun, quoting section 92 sub section 2© of the 1999 constitution, “ and rule 66 of the Edo state House of Assembly”.

“This petition contains numerous allegations bothering on abuse of office, misconduct, tyrannical tendencies on the part of the leadership of the House and it is signed by 16 members of the House”. He consequently presented the report to the Acting Speaker.

The members suspended Frank Okiye, Blessing Aigbaku, and Zakawanu Garuba. Blessing and Okiye was accused of being suspended for bring in arms into the House. A three men committee was set up to investigate the allegations against the suspended members and report back to the House next Monday.

Reacting Zakawanu said that “it was not surprising that hoodlums came inside here to take control of the House. Nobody saw any impeachment notice. I am still in charge you can see that I am still in my office. We must bring order to this state”. However the Clerk of the House came later to say that he swore in Aliu under duress when he spoke to newsmen.

I thought for an individual to be called an honourable, it means that person has been distinguished from other persons, a critical thinking is required before he/she reacts to anything, as part of work etiquette no worker or individual is expected to fight while in the work premises, let alone carrying of dangerous weapons such as guns, battle-axe and tear gas etc to his/her place of work this same policy is also applicable to higher institutions of learning, although in higher institutions of learning I have seen situations whereby students engaged in such act to me it is not suppose to be so and they still undergoing the process of learning.

These honourable members were chosen to represent the masses but on this fateful day, I saw men behaving like animals fighting themselves and I could recollect that this kind of ugly incident also happened in the National House of Assembly, men were exchanging blows and couldn’t conduct themselves. Assuming they have the interest of the masses at hand there will have be no need for fighting, a possible means of resolving their differences will have been opted for that is why we have the judicial arm of government that can handle such issues.

Last year the entire world was talking about terrorist attempt by Farouk Mutallab/Seyi of Lagos State, the various kidnapping all over the continent of Nigeria by the youths from the Niger-Delta region and I have always said that all these problems started from our leaders, therefore they should sanctioned according and if possible they should not be seen in that premises again.

From the above, the image of Nigeria has be painted red and if this colour I’m seeing now will turn white it will all depends on the changes that will come from our leaders before every other persons will follow their footstep.

On the note, how can the image of Nigeria be changed from what we are seeing now? What kind of qualities should our representative possess?

Contributions are welcome from all members of this community.

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