When i woke up early sunday morning on the 15th of May 2011, i switched on my Television set to have a glimpse of the latest news. I saw on the screen of the BFM TV, a non-stop information channel the caption 'DSK ARRESTED IN NEW YORK' at first i said to myself is this a gag or what?, then i quickly changed the channel to the iTele, another information television, then i saw the same news DSK arrested. At this point i turnned off the TV to have a bath, because somehow i had the impression that i was still asleep and the whole news about DSK was a dream. As i was having my bath i kept ruminating in my mind, i took only one beer last night so i can't be having a hangover. Again i turnned on the TV and the news caption i saw earlier didn't change one bit,  there was a battery of commentators on the TV debating the news coming from New York, then it dawned on me that indeed Mr Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) the Director of the International Monetary Fund IMF has been arrested in New York on charges of sexual assault on a hotel maid. The news of this arrest was peceived here in France like a Tsunami of the highest magnitude. Firstly, the image of France is been put on the spotlight by this arrest, Secondly, Mr Strauss-Kahn was to declare sometime in the month of june his intention to compete in the primary election in his socialist party in view of contesting the 2012 presidential election and finally Mr Dominique Strauss-Kahn a reputed Economist has been praised for his management of the IMF.  Various opinion poll has placed him as the only candidate capable of defeating the current president Nicolas Sarkozy. Without doubt in my mind, the members of the socialist party and millions of  people here in France would wish this day never existed. I am a curious observer of political happenings here in France, i enjoy political debate and exchange of ideas. I am not a fan of any particular politician or political party. My humble view is that the number of politicians who has the capacity and intelligence equal to DSK can be counted in the fingers of one hand. This is why millions of people will not come to terms with this news.

 Briefly this is what we know, Mr Dominique Strauss-Kahn lodged in a hotel Sofitel  in New York. On saturday 14th May at about 1pm local time, a maid went into his hotel room 2806 to do some cleaning and she saw Mr Strauss-Kahn come out of his bathroom naked, thereafter she was assaulted by the IMF chief. The police was alerted and they went to arrest Mr Strauss-Kahn who has left the hotel to continue his programmed flight to Paris, he was pulled out of the aircraft just 10minutes before departure without any resistance. As information continue to trickle in, many questions and interrogations are been put in the public domaine. It is on record that Mr Strauss-Kahn has a soft spot for women, but that is not a crime anywhere in the world. It is also on record that he was advised by friends when he got the IMF top job in Washington DC to keep his flap zipped and avoid temptations. Some believe that Mr Strauss-Kahn was framed-up while others are of the view that the maid consented and now wants to make money from the scandal. Only Mr Strauss-Kahn and this 32year old African hotel maid can say what transpired between them inside that room 2806, However, some questions need to be adressed here. In a hotel of this standard (3000dollars a night) how can a maid go into a room when the guest has not checked out? the usual procedure would be a tap on the door expecting an answer from the inside. What will be the normal reaction of a hotel maid who comes face to face with a guest naked in his hotel room? the first reaction will be an exclamation of apology and a quick exit from the room. What were the security guard and his personal assistants doing a few minutes to departure for Paris? These questions and a lot of others need to be answered with every precision this case demand. Although we are yet to get all the information concerning this event, whichever way the case goes, even though the so-called sexaul assault never happened, one thing is sure, Mr Strauss-Kahn can kiss his political ambition goodbye.

 There is a big lesson to be learned from the travails of Mr Strauss-Kahn. Men should not take their fellow man as their hero, because when the nature of human takes it's dominance on man, the dissapointment can not be measured. I leave it here for now!

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Comment by alice adams on June 19, 2011 at 12:03pm
That's a good one....I agreed with you...this so-called sexual assault might not be true...

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