Drunk vs. Distracted Driving: Which Cause more Traffic Accidents?

Several people will consider drunk driving as their earliest estimate for the most dangerous reason of traffic accidents caused by driving negligence, but digital devices has become “distracted driving” reason of collisions in a new time – particularly texting at the same time as driving accidents.


Let say, you’re driving in a street on your way to home from a meeting. Thirty yards to the front, the traffic lights become yellow, and the vehicle opposite of you brakes. All right – you’re at a good space. You start applying brakes as well. All of a sudden you hear an unbearably loud crash. Your car moves slowly and unsteadily like it got a hit from behind. Your neck beats severely with a whip forward and move back. You are in distress for a while, confused, slow to react and in pain. When you feel yourself in full senses, you see in your car mirror, expecting a little to see a road-ramped or even drunk adult in the vehicle behind you – but it’s a teen girl using her phone. She was messaging even as driving, didn’t become aware of you apply the brake and collide with your car even as traveling with at less 30 mph speed.


This situation is more ordinary than you may believe. What is distracted driving just as it should be? Distraction is nearly infinite forms (how much different thing you want accomplish even as driving?), but the most common reasons are:

  1. Messaging
  2. Operating a Smartphone
  3. Eating and drinking something
  4. Talking to other people in vehicle
  5. The activity of putting on clothes
  6. Reading, e.g. maps
  7. Operating a navigation system
  8. Watching TV
  9. Operating a radio, CD or MP3 player
  10. Which directs us to one thing about drunk vs. distracted driving: one has more risk than the other one?


Who drives drunk?

The drivers engaged in the 10,000 plus alcoholic deaths in 2011, people with a 0.08%BAC or more came in these age classes:

  1. 21 to 24 – 34 %
  2. 25 to 34 – 30 %
  3. 35 to 44 – 25 %


Although above numbers address to the teen as the main responsible ones of drunk driving accidents, the statistics is different when we check alcoholic deaths among motorbike drivers. In motorbike accidents related to drunk driving, 44% of the deaths happened with people aged 40-44.


Distracted driving

The obstacles to attention are on all sides of us. They can be observed, listened and felt or they can get the attention of most of our senses right away. Noticeably, the more senses a thing gets, the more make uneasy to be alert. For instance, listening to music is noticeably inspiring, but does not get visual sense or require physical dealings.


On the other hand, texting during driving gets all three senses: the bell of messaging, the scene of the text and the physical activity necessary to check and type texts. Texting looks like a fast, easy task, however, when you end it and think about it, you can feel it really distracting!


Carol works with Bury personal injury solicitors and accident at work compensation solicitors, she writes about compensation injury solicitors and publish it on her blog, at her sprite time she take a long drive with her friends

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