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Dear Dr. Jonathan,
It is with a great sense of citizen duty that I write this letter to you. Your life has shown me that there are miracles in human nature. You and your name stand as evidence that God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.

I do not think that you are an accident in our history. I see you as a deliberate attempt by God to salvage this people he loved so much that he gave them everything, human and materials for their development and progress. I have no intention to praise you here, Sir, though. I am on a mission to bring to bear a sense of responsibility on you that will bring glory and honour unto God and immortalize your name in history and give you a chance to live forever, even if you were dead.
This country, Nigeria, has the capacity to sit side by side with the United States of America as a land of opportunity for all of human race if we have electricity. You probably already know this; hence, you assumed the office of Minister of Power. With mere 15 hours of guaranteed power supply daily, the creative talent available in this country that would be unleashed would return the United Kingdom to the Stone-Age.

The first and real challenge to unleashing the creativity in this country is lack of electric power supply. Please, Dear Dr. Jonathan, heal us of this disease. Provide reliable electric power supply in this country and it would be said of you, “A Jonathan has come to judgment”. Sometimes, I wonder why I am still worried when you have personally assumed responsibility for providing power supply with the assumption of leadership of the relevant ministry. But if I remember certain issues of our recent past, I also feel that my worry is strongly founded.

One, there is a strong rumour that there is a powerful cartel supplying generators in this country made up of the British and Lebanese merchants and Nigerian government officials who are sabotaging any effort to provide reliable and suitable power supply for the country. All efforts to dismiss the feelings and fears that the potency of this cartel is capable of frustrating you have so far failed. The fear has refused to leave me.

Two, we are all witnesses to the easiness with which the Obasanjo regime blew away the insanely sounding amount of money - $16billion - in eight years without a candle stick to show for it. What is the meaning of sixteen billion dollars? I bet very few Nigerians would be able to fathom how much money value we are talking about here. I fear to contemplate it lest I run amok. Those of the National Assembly who dared think about it were soon to drown in a N500, 000,000 scandal.
Three, President Yar’Adua struggled for more than two and half years to declare a power emergency and failed to do so. All these are unsettling to me.

My hope is kindled by the fact that your name if Goodluck and you have got Patience.
I wish you success, Sir, Francis O. Nmeribe ([email protected])

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