Don't Become A Statistic 97% Of Others Do.

I am sure that a lot of you are clicking past numerous sites asking for you to sign up and become a distributor for some type of network marketing company. Many of these distributors are being taught to recruit and that's it. They aren't being taught the
basics of marketing, or the basic leadership and people skills that are
needed to successfully run a business. Many fail to realize that this is
a business and not just a hobby to make money.

I want to establish a company and not just a line of recruits that I have no real personal relationship with. I want to know your wants and needs. I want to know your "why" to owning your own business. That's
what makes us stand out from the other teams out there that by pass the
relationship for the money. It's like in religion, many people know of
God, but they have no relationship with him.

How do you build relationship quickly? That's an easy question,you don't. Relationship comes with time. How did you feel when you went to buy your
first home or car? Did you like it when the first sales man or woman
went straight for the sale and did not take the time to really find our your needs and wants? Of course not, and if you did then you are a different breed of consumer.

What we teach is the way to be a leader first then a distributor. By learning the basics on consumer etiquette, you make a firm foundation to a successful business. You wonder why the failure rate is around 97% in networking marketing or many small businesses. They become a statistic because they fail to establish that foundation. They often doom
themselves by being on the attack vs. being the one who is attacked.
That's called attraction marketing. You probably see that phrase all
over when doing your network marketing research. Hint, Hint, It's there
for a reason. Let's go back to you first major purchase. Did you make
the sale from the person who tried to push you and hound you, or from the
person who coached and educated you then let you make your own decisions
with strategically placed follow ups through the way. What do I mean by
strategically placed follow ups? It means not calling every hour or
emailing like crazy. It means waiting a week, then call, 3 more days
email, 7 days later call and after that leave it alone.

We often tend to waste much time and resources on chasing people. You can quickly use up your cellular minuets', and fill your email quota with
that technique. That's why we teach you how to be the hunted and not the
hunter. Once you brand yourself as a leader and expert in a specific
field, then they will come. But you must be ready for the overflow.
Many of us think we are ready but when they start to build up we crumble,
that's the other side of that 97% failure rate.

By using our weekly conference calls we are able to help prepare new team leaders for the journey ahead. We have been there already and made the
mistakes. You don't have to relive our past to get to your future.

In conclusion, become a leader first then a distributor second. Trust me once people see your dedication and knowledge, they will flock to you.
Remember once you start you must keep the faith and keep pressing on.

Marcus J Hull

PurifyingSouls, Team Leader

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