Don’t underrate Nigerian Universities, they are improving

From the list of Universities in Nigeria released by the NUC, there are currently: 40 federal universities in Nigeria, 44 state universities in Nigeria, 68 private universities in Nigeria.

More Universities in America, Europe, Asia and even other African countries are establishing liaison offices all over Nigeria for a single reason: To meet a continually growing army of Nigerian students seeking admissions into foreign universities. Worldwide, Nigerian students represent the highest number of foreign students in almost all universities; reason: they want to get a good education and a degree from a foreign institution.

Many say there’s too much corruption in Nigeria to enable development in most institutions including Universities; they are right, at least to some level, but some Federal Universities in Nigeria are improving despite challenges; most Private Universities in Nigeria are improving too.

Are you planning to attend a University abroad because of the wrong believe that Universities in Nigeria are too poor to produce excellent graduates? Consider some reasonable fact here, I’m not saying you should not attend foreign universities but think about the following fact before you do.

Monetary cost.

You must have huge financial base if you must attend and graduate successfully from a foreign university because the mission requires consistently high financial cost. From Admission fee, travel fee, Visa, Ticket, International or ECOWAS Passport fee to Hostel fee, from Textbook fee, practical fee to tuition fee; everything in USD (United States Dollar), the funds must be sourced locally and then exchanged and wired across to the institution from here. What do you say about the highly volatile FOREX market in Nigeria where just 1USD is almost N400? That means if you’re to pay $2000 you must be looking for N800,000.00, a humongous some, well enough to pay all your tuition fee from 100 level to 400 level in most Federal Universities in Nigeria. Except you’re from a financially stable family or you’ve won a scholarship, you should think twice before embarking on this journey.

Societal Problems.

Different societies have different ways of doing things, if you are to live for four or more years in a foreign society to finish your education, you must be prepared to change your way of live; they’ll school you on a new way of life, they’ll rearrange your life and before you know what is happening you might have lost your core values. The fact that you now have to choose new friends who are not even from the society you grew up means that you’ll have to adopt their ways of doing things, things you used to see as bad may now appear not too bad to you; by the time you return to Nigeria, everything is different and you’re now a changed person.

Quality of education.

A lot of people going abroad are doing so to get what they regard as quality education. Please know this: the fact that a university is foreign does not mean they are excellent, many universities in Nigeria are doing better than most foreign Universities coming to Nigeria to woe students. Please go to University of Ibadan (IU), University of Ilorin (UNILORIN), University of Nigeria (UNN), FUTA, FUTO, Federal University of Agriculture (Abeokuta), University of Benin (UNIBEN), etc. and see what they are producing –excellence; Go to Covenant University Ota, Babcock University (Ilishan-Remo) etc and see what is going on –Real development, Covenant University has been consistently ranked number 2 University in Nigeria, just being University of Ibadan by almost all foreign University Rankers. There’s a Yoruba adage that fits in here : ”ohun to n wa lo sokoto wa lapo sokoto e” (what you’re going to a foreign land to find is inside your pocket).


It’s important to consider the facts explained above, plus, some employers in Nigeria have complained that some foreign graduates coming back to Nigeria usually find it had to perform well, some employers have pointed out the Graduates inability to understand the way things work in the country, some of them have also express the desire to return to the foreign land because they can’t cope, but why did they come back in the first place if they could cope over there. It might be better to attend a university in Nigeria, if you’re disturbed by their going on strike, use the time of strike to learn something different because what you learned in the time of strike might just be what you’ll use to feed yourself for the rest of your live. My advice for students thinking of University education is: don’t underrate Nigerian Universities, they are doing fine and improving.

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Comment by OSI EFA Dotun on April 29, 2019 at 7:10pm

Nice work. GidiMo App

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