Dolphin has no intention of using the team label for NDamong-Su

From previous team reports from the dolphins, we can see that Ndamukong Suh's actions have put the team owner Stephen Ross intolerable, but the reason why dolphins abandon the Soviet Union is not limited to at this point.

Dolphin cap space is not optimistic. In the SU contract, the salary of NFL Coins 16.985 million US dollars in 2018 will become the full protection fund on March 18. If Dolphin chooses to trade Su and his remaining $ 54.375 million three-year contract, he can free up $ 3.9 million in salary cap space. Or cut him off after 6.1, delaying the deadline of $ 17.1 million until the 2019 season, reducing his cap space for occupancy in 2018 to $ 5.1 million.

If the dolphin choose to rule out the hardships to leave the Su, he will occupy 26.1 million US dollars cap space.

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