Do you know you can now charge you phone wirelessly now??? find out how

Samsung has brought to us one of the easiest way one can charge his phone wirelessly. mehn i really love this new innovation

what does that really mean? apart from one being able to charge his /her gadgets with a charger/universal charger or power bank, one can also charge wirelessly.

is that not great guys??

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Comment by Katherine Mendel on August 2, 2015 at 11:22pm

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Complement of the time. I wish everyone reads the posting rules before posting anything. Similar posting rules exist on,,, etc. I hope that every member keeps to these rules in order to make Vanguard community a better community. Just Last week i posted on telling neco students that NECO Result 2015 is not out but is yet to be released. Guess what?, someone came and posted a reply WAEC Result is NOT out. I plead everyone in this community to try reading before commenting. Thanks and may God (Allah) bless you richly

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