Nigrians should nt think of dividing,there are so many countries biger than our,they have conflicts but dey dnt think of dividing,we should think of our passed when the country is at peace,how does it look,we should be thinking of hw to create peace,and hw our dear country is going to grow,we should stop accumulating evil though in our mind so that we will nt be the devils workshop.peace to great nigeria,the heartbeat of african an

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Comment by Chukutem Anuwom on September 2, 2011 at 5:39pm
Look Nigeria is pretending as if we are one but in their inner mind they are not feeling it that way. If Hausa man come to a place where Igbo men gather, he must surely show sign to say that I'm not belong to these people. The same imply to an Igbo man and Yoruba man. The problem of we Nigeria includes JEALOUSY and COVETOUSNESS. This one is say the leader is packing everything to their own side because is not from their ethnic group, the leaders will be say the former leader achieved all these while he was there. So I will make sure I achieve more than that before my tenor ends. So all these will not allow peace to reign in Nigeria. Thank you.

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