Digital Foundry reported resolution drops to 648p in single screen

The Switch’s limited hardware can’t hold on to 60 fps during split-screen play. Digital Foundry recorded frame rates between 45 and 60 fps during split-screen, docked play. If playing split-screen undocked, frame rates may drop even further.Rocket League’s excellent 60 fps performance comes at the cost of a serious visual downgrade. The Switch’s hardware is just too limited to Rocket League Crates do both well.Rocket League targets 720p in both docked and undocked modes. This is an immediate visual downgrade for docked mode where the Switch can produce 1080p. Moreover, the game uses dynamic resolution scaling to maintain its 60 fps frame rate with the result that resolution frequently falls below 720p.

Digital Foundry reported resolution drops to 648p in single screen and 576p in split-screen during docked play. Split-screen undocked fell as low as 432p with Digital Foundry speculating that it might go lower.Graphics quality is also compromised. Texture filtering is markedly curtailed in both docked and undocked modes. Docked mode includes post-processing anti-aliasing which smooths edges at the cost of a blurry image. Anti-aliasing is absent in undocked mode as are all shadows. The result is a sharper but flatter image with more pronounced jaggies.

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